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An extra 15.7 million eight-digit mobile-phone numbers may be released by next year, meaning Hongkongers might soon have numbers starting with the ominous digit four, as well as seven and lucky number eight.
The Office of the Communications Authority launched a two-month public consultation on the matter yesterday, and proposed using new prefixes and recycling old numbers to generate extra mobile-phone numbers. Among the five measures proposed, the watchdog said reallocating numbers starting with four was the most effective, as 5.6 million numbers could be released to meet demand for 42 months. That idea, however, was not welcomed by operators or subscribers because the number "four" in Cantonese sounds similar to the word for death. The authority's spokesman admitted operators had complained about the idea, but said the number should be used. He said numbers starting with four could also be used for pre-paid SIM cards and data-only service plans. The watchdog also proposed reallocating two-thirds of existing pager numbers and reallocating some numbers starting with 70 to 73 for mobile services. According to the authority, Hongkongers register new mobiles at a rate of 145,000 a month, and 16.7 million phone numbers are now registered.
Migration to nine-digit numbering is not under discussion, as the move could cost the city HK$1 billion. The watchdog said a total of 15.7 million subscriber numbers would become available if all five measures were implemented, which could extend the lifespan of the eight-digit numbering plan by around 10 years, to September 2028. Starting November 1st, 2013, Japanese phone numbers beginning with "070" will be available for use with 3G, LTE, and 4G cellular phones. One interesting interoperability issue: because PHS 2G is not compatible with worldwide 2G GSM, they cannot send or receive SMS text messages.
That's how Japan's mobile email system got started: it was invented as an alternative to SMS.

It is only a recent phenomenon were people in Japan have begun to use SMS, although usage lags compared to carrier email. Post updated at the end to reflect the implications in data cost difference between a SBM-branded iPhone and an unlocked iPhone .
Availability of the iPhone 5 in Japan The iPhone 5 is available directly from two carriers, Au by KDDI and Softbank Mobile. This application assigns numbering for each weld in the model or each weld in the assembly.  User can now assign numbering in several options which includes assigning prefix for a selected type of weld or numbering via model or assembly.
Usage:Assign numbering by assembly without weld prefix and add weld number in the reference text.
Trimble is an international company focusing on positioning-related technology for different industries.
Now it came up and has not yet announced a smartphone iPhone 6, preparing to appear in a deluxe version. If a potential winner of the Elite iPhone 6 will come from the Middle East, for example – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, he will be able to show a kind of patriotism and place an order for an even more limited edition. Regarding the timing of turning ordinary iPhone 6 in gold, management Goldgenie assures that the first batch of new Apple-smartphone will have them for a few weeks after the official launch on the market.
But the most interesting thing that sounded price on the iPhone 6 Elite does not differ from the current cost of iPhone 5s.
So seriously is the tradition taken that some developers exclude floors with the number from buildings.
Now, people will need to know if the the 070 phone is PHS or not if they want to send an SMS. However, there is one area where PHS is still used: corporations still use them for internal "employee assigned" phones as they're very cheap to buy and use in bulk with a corporate contract.

Tekla software solutions for advanced building information modeling and structural engineering are part of Trimble offering. It is worth remembering the recent – Gold-version of iPhone 5s with the image of the current President of the Russian Federation and the huge number of potential customers, immediately expressed a desire to take ownership of the model. We are talking about a model with a display of 4.7 inches, which will get a prefix in the name Elite and 24K plated two jewelry metals. Pictures of new products and information about their equipment have been published on the official website of the studio. In this case, the mobile device will receive an additional laser engraving – the emblem of one of the seven countries of the Persian Gulf. It is expected that demand for the iPhone 6 will be a truly Elite hardball, and among the likely buyers will be just as very rich people used to have only the most fashionable and unusual gadgets and celebrities. With timely placement of pre-order and 50 per cent advance payment, the phone will cost the future owner about $ 3650. During this time when 3G was new, some people were surprised to hear people tell them that their mobile number was "080", thinking that only "070" numbers were mobile numbers.
Given the company’s experience in this field and the analysis of past sales of limited edition iPhone after it arrives in the sale, the demand for gold and platinum iPhone is several times greater than the supply. For this amount Goldgenie provide a lifetime warranty on the smartphone as a jewelry work done, and on the unit itself. Now, with the younger generation, some people may express surprise that somebody has a "070" number, as younger people associate the 070 prefix with old technology.

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