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This entry was posted in designed things, korea, mobile phone use, public behavior, seoul and tagged privacy on March 19, 2008 by younghee. I live in South Korea and I was confused at first about why people put their numbers in the car window. I’m sure that the individual leaving their number for people to see (preferably the person they are about to block)is going to be ok with leaving their number but there will probably be the person who wants to call the number just to be annoying. The latest entry in Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto series, it is set in the Los Angeles pastiche of Los Santos and its surrounding countryside of Southern San Andreas based on the greater Southern California, primarily the Mojave Desert. In a first for the series (unless you count Grand Theft Auto IV's Episodes from Liberty City adding in new characters), the game features three playable protagonists as opposed to just one, all from different backgrounds.
He feels trapped in the ghetto by both his job and his friends, who in turn see him as "soft" and unfaithful to his roots. He is now living in a mansion in Rockford Hillsnote The game's version of Beverly Hills with his unfaithful wife Amanda and their disrespectful children Tracey and Jimmy. Try as he might, he's soon forced back into crime after the stress of his home life makes him inadvertently lash out at a powerful criminal. Trevor Philips, an ex-military pilot permanently grounded due to his severe mental instability.
Unlike Michael, Trevor never retired, instead remaining a drug-abusing career criminal, living out in a trailer in the small desert town of Sandy Shoresnote Based on the real-life towns of Desert Shores and Salton City north of Los Santos.
After he learns that Michael is alive and residing in the city nearby, he decides to track his old buddy down and partner up again.Together, They Cause Crime.
Players can switch between the three at any time once they meet the characters (with a few mission-related exceptions), and a major part of gameplay are heist missions in which all three characters take part. On the fly, the player can switch between, say, the guy taking hostages inside the store, the guy sniping cops outside, and the guy rappelling down the side of the building, while the game seamlessly takes over control of the character just vacated.The first teaser trailer, released in November 2011, can be found here and a second trailer was released a year later in 2012, with three new trailers released on 30 April 2013.
More info here.Several weeks after release of the base game, the multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, launched.
GTA Online is structured similarly to an MMORPG, with character customization, player housing, and a story to go with it. Rockstar has gone on record stating that its goal for GTA Online was to revolutionize multiplayer shooters in the same way that Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized the Wide Open Sandbox genre.
A gameplay trailer was released 15 August 2013 and can be seen here.To date, there have been several DLC packs for the game, consisting of item packs that grant new vehicles, weapons, and clothes for Online players.
Collector's Edition Vehicles: Anyone with a Collector's Edition version of the game gets some special vehicles, weapons and a friggin' blimp.
The special edition got the same stuff minus the vehicles and most pre-orders for regular versions got the blimp.
The Beach Bum Pack: Added in a new pistol and a broken bottle melee weapon, beach-themed clothing and vehicles.
Also had Christmas themed masks and suits which, if not bought, disappeared after Christmas.
The Valentine's Day Massacre Special: Added in some spiffy new 1920's mob-styled suits, a classic 1920's limousine and a Tommy Gun, the Gusenberg Sweeper. Released on 13 February 2014 to celebrate Valentine's Day, but the ability to buy the clothes was removed on March 2nd. Added in the first new plane, three high-performance cars, a new high caliber pistol and assault rifle. The High Life Update: Adds a new assault rifle called the Bullpup Rifle, a new motorcycle, two high performance cars and a sport SUV. For Online players can now purchase two new properties, something people had been waiting a while for, as well as new apartments. Players also now have a "Mental State" which increases when killing civilians and cops — this is to help keep separate players who kill others for the sake of pissing them off, and players who want to simply explore. Adds in new Hipster-themed cars (seven of them) and clothes, alongside a new dagger and pistol. Several of the exclusive single player vehicles (Including the ones the playable characters drove) were made purchasable through in-game websites. Contains new America-themed clothes, a monster truck, a motorcycle, fireworks (and a launcher to go with them) and a musket.
Like the Valentine's Day Massacre Pack, any clothes not bought in Online were removed in August. Adds in the Flight School for Online, allowing players to level up their Flying levels faster (Normally it takes a long time to do this—as in, some reports say you get one percent to your skill for ten minutes of flying). Adds new jobs for the Last Team Standing game type, new 'soldier' themed clothing, reserve parachutes, a new Sniper Rifle and Shotgun, two new motorcycles and a new supercar. The first full content pack for the eighth-generation consoles, added new Christmas-themed clothes in Online, two new cars and new weapons—the Proximity Mine and the Homing Launcher. Adds single-player-esque Heists into Online mode as well as new Heist-related content such as more vehicles and clothes. Originally intended to be included at launch, but design issues and shifting priorities delayed it for over a year.
Unlike previous packs, weapons and vehicles released in this pack are not available in Single Player.

Designed for players who have made a large amount of money from the Heists, this pack adds incredibly expensive new clothes, weapon designs, cars and gold tinted planes and helicopters. It also added in The Lab FM to consoles, and, to signal its release, the Independence Day Special content. Allows players to experience "a completely new way of playing GTA Online" by introducing new gamemodes, activities, and other features, ranging from mundane things such as attempting to take over a heavily guarded location to weirder things such as hunting a superpowered player across the map with attack choppers. It also adds the Rockstar Editor to eighth-gen consoles while adding in new features to the PC version. Another Online-only update, this centers around lowriders; As such, it includes new vehicles and vehicle options, a new customs shop in Strawberry, some new missions from Lamar Davis, new clothing and tattoos and other cosmetics, and two new weapons - the Machine Pistol and the Machete. This update adds in two new vehicles, new vehicle customization options, a flashlight, a new Adversary Mode where one player hunts other players in dark areas, new masks and face paints, and two new character actions. Like the Valentine's Day Massacre and Independence Day specials, the content will be removed on 16 November, but players who bought any of the content will keep them. Executives and Other Criminals: Released December 2015 added more opportunities for Crews to work together to take on each other's in freemode, along with two new helicopters and five completely new cars one of which is a limousine with a mini gun turret plus versions of cars already in the game with heavier armour, a choice of new luxury stilt apartments in Rockford Hills or new customisable apartments in Eclipse Tower for the added fifth property slot and a selection of three customisable luxury yachts which act as a floating and somewhat mobile apartments, and come with their own selection of Jetskis, boats and helicopters.
Adds the Vapid Slamvan to the list of vehicles customizable at Benny's, as well as adding the brand new Dundreary Virgo Classic, and gives the Willard Faction the new upgrade style "Custom Donk", which features huge wheels. Walk down a particular block and you'll find a squad of cops chasing another player, a shoot out between players, an impromptu drag race, or a heist in progress. If you choose, you can even play favorites—for example, involving yourself in a police chase by ramming the cops of the escapee's trail or screwing the other player over just for the hell of it. Rockstar themselves have said Online aims to revolutionize online multiplayer gaming the same way Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized single player games! Already Met Everyone: Familiar people show up for the "first" time in this story such as Lamar, Lester, Trevor, Simeon, etc. And Your Reward Is Clothes: When leveling up, cosmetic items, such as various outfits, hats, and haircuts will be unlocked.
Anti-Frustration Feature: The Passive mode prevents other players from randomly gunning down the passive player whilst they're on foot. This was changed in the next-gen versions to be a complete ghost mode, making one completely untouchable by other players. However, damage from nearby exploding vehicles can still kill you, which players can use indirectly. You can also still come under attack from NPC characters and your only options are to run, or disable Passive Mode (which isn't instant and which has a cooldown before you can re-enable it) Zig-zagged with the Simeon vehicles, as while it is possible to force the list you've been given to refresh in case you can't find any of the cars on the list, you cannot 'deny' the request and as such may end up with a two-star Wanted rating because you're stealing a car Simeon wants, even if you have no intention of delivering it.
The audio from the microphone chat can be completely muted, which is very useful if you don't want to hear 12-year-olds and living room background noise constantly. Any vehicle that you're in becomes invincible if your controller disconnects, as the game doesn't pause.
In the Prison Break heist, the pilot has to evade a Lazer fighter jet using a Velum, one of the slower and more awkward planes to fly. It's a small thing, but it can save a ton of frustration when you're taking your new vehicle for a spin and you happen to run into a player who's not hesitant about being a "bad sport".
If you hold back from attacking somebody who's chasing you around and harassing you by repeatedly killing you then you get the option to become a "ghost" to them and them alone for a limited time, letting you get away. A nice feature for those who want the randomness of other players but still don't want to be killed by the same person. Anti-Grinding: Robbing stores too often causes the wanted level for each robbery to gradually rise.
Likewise, after selling a stolen car to a mod shop, they won't accept any more for a period of time. They quickly patched being able to immediately replay the same job request over and over after some players grinded their way to earning the most expensive apartment. Aesop: Having your character smoke will damage your health a tiny bit, much like Metal Gear Solid. Not only does the armor significantly improve its durability, but the armor even partially covers the windows, making ramming your enemies with it much more feasible.
Ascended Meme: A "shed" was seen by fans in many pre-release screenshots and some trailers, prompting players to speculate what could be inside it.
While it turns out it was actually a cable car station, the parachuting mission involving diving off it is called "The Shed". Awesome, but Impractical: The luxurious Swift Deluxe Helicopter and Luxor Deluxe Jets allow you to hang out with other players inside and drink champagne. Too bad that they cost incredible amounts of money, and are magnets for griefers everywhere. Fortunately, both vehicles were later added to the in-game internet in Story Mode, for those who want to enjoy the luxury without the threat of being blown up. Furthermore, the yacht is always out at sea, making it too far from stores or other conveniences. Beach Episode: The free Beach Bum update, adding a number of beach-themed clothing, vehicles, and Jobs. Bookends: In the heists update the titular heists start and end with a bank robbery, the second one is obviously far more dangerous but also pays out much better.

Boom, Headshot: Killing an enemy with a head shot results in the player immediately gaining 25 reputation points.
This is, however, somewhat balanced out: you still have to reach a certain level before you can purchase and use some items. But Thou Must: In the mission "Diamonds are for Trevor", you have to make your escape with Trevor's boat, even when you could take a helicopter or any other faster, much better transport. Despite both teams going to the same location, the mission won't progress if a member of the boat crew tries to take the helicopter, or vice versa. And in the prison break, the first guard the 'prisoner' and 'guard' players pass by will inexplicably become hostile even if both players are blending in perfectly, resulting in an immediate shoot-out.
The Lost must have fallen severely out of favor with the Plot Gods, because they are a constant and recurring target for various quest givers (Trevor especially). In an update, players can make their own CTF missions with the Mission creator tool Cash Gate: Subverted.
The game will keep telling you to get an apartment or garage, but it's possible to reach the highest level in the game without having one. It does make it difficult or impossible to get certain things, like cars you only can purchase through the Internet namely any high end or luxurious sports cars you can't merely steal off the streets and take to a mod shop to buy insurance. Do a mission where you must ambush a drug deal, go to the mountains, hack the computer, and then run to the other side of town to ambush more Mooks at the airfield? Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Tolerated, if not flat out encouraged by the game mechanics. Some jobs allow the person who completes it to keep all the cash for themselves, players can rob each other for money, and can put a bounty on each other. Cool Car: Many of the fancier rides in the game such as the Infernus, Entity XF, Cheetah, Turismo, etc are these.
Unlike single player, you unfortunately can't just steal them off the streets and take them to your garage or to LS Customs for modification. Interestingly, the person who actually grabs the money is the one who decides the payout between the other members of your crew, so it's possible to take all of it for yourself and completely screw everyone else over. The Cops Are Cheating Bastards: Though the cops of V were noticeably smarter and deadlier than previous games in the solo campaign, they're downright inhuman at times Online, likely for balance against numerous players.
Their accuracy and damage are significantly higher, to the point where a cop armed with a shotgun can chip off a good 75% of your health in a single hit from 4 or 5 city blocks away.
Couple that with the removal of an arrest system so any wanted level = kill on sight and you've got some pretty bloodthirsty and bullshitty peacekeepers of Los Santos.
You'll also find that civilians and store keepers are far more aggressive in Online than they are in story mode. Conservation of Ninjutsu: Averted to all hell in later waves of Survival, where the enemies get military-grade weapons and tank plating for armor. While this can be (slightly) justified with the police, it gets a bit jarring when meth-addled hillbillies and common thugs have the same equipment.
As such, you'll get a wanted level for fighting back against hostile NPCs or players, and if you destroy another player's personal vehicle, it doesn't matter if they pummeled you, shot you or blew you up, you'll invariably have to pay their insurance.
This gets especially aggravating if explosions are the only consistent way of killing them if they're driving (i.e.
Cutting the Knot: Tired of everyone killing you when you get the high priority Simeon vehicle? Just go into an invite-only session without inviting anyone else and enjoy not being gunned down by racist 12 year-olds. Unlocked during the very first heist mission string, it features armor plated body panels and windows that offer near-total protection from bullets, making nearly every mission vastly easier to complete because players can simply turtle inside the vehicle while shooting out of its window slits. While the $525,000 price tag is hefty, players who preordered the game and received a huge bonus cash grant were able to immediately afford it and a cheap safehouse to put it in. Playing it a bit more straight are the DLC Weapons, like the Special Carbine, Bullpup Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and the Homing Launcher.
The Special Carbine is a Carbine Rifle that's a little bulkier, but you can get it from the start, and upgrading it is worthwhile for heists, the Bullpup is a basic Advanced Rifle that is not nearly as strong,The Heavy Shotgun is a straight upgrade to the already overpowered Assault Shotgun, which only has a better fire rate, and the Homing Launcher will not be discussed here, except to say, if nothing else, it can be bought at level 1, while the normal rocket launcher is locked at level 80. Disproportionate Retribution: It's rare for a game mode to have an objective that actually warrants the amount of force being employed (especially by the authorities). The Heists Update introduced a side activity in which Lester asks you to distract the police. While this could be justified by you potentially disrupting a police operation, you'll eventually get helicopters and NOOSE sent after you.
Double Unlock: You have to reach a certain level to unlock some items, and then you have to buy the item with in-game currency. Emote Animation: There's a handful of emotes, most of them used to gloat or offend someone like Flipping the Bird and saluting with a smug look on your character's face.

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