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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Now that we've moved from maps to apps, and embraced social media as the easiest way to connect with family and friends when travelling, smartphones have been upgraded to almost must-have kit on overseas trips. It may be a relatively basic Android model but it comes with unlimited 3G data and unlimited local calls (plus free calls to China, the Philippines, Japan, the USA and the UK).
You can also fire up the device's 3G-to-WiFi mode to create a hotspot which your own non-roaming smartphone or tablet can tap into. The phone comes with popular apps including Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat, along with a handy currency converter and translator, and of course you can easily connect to your GMail account with a few taps. You can also load your own choice of apps from the Google Play app store – just be sure to remove them or wipe & reset the entire smartphone before you check out of the hotel! Also loaded for your convenience: a guide and trip planner for Hong Kong's MTR metro system, visitor guides, links to activities such as city tours and special offers for shopping and dining. All up, this is a pretty great set of apps for the traveller, although the phone itself is a tad slow when it comes to loading and switching between apps. People can also dial your smartphone to ensure that no important business calls are missed while you're out and about. The on-loan smartphone is available to guests at Marco Polo's HongJong Hotel, Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel, all of which are located in Tsim Sha Tsui's Harbour City complex on Canton Road.

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. It's a nice feature and (despite what their PR team may have told you,) it is not that new. Aussies think haha it's free lets download GoT and then the hotel gets a $500 bill from the Telco. In Hong Kong unlimited data can be had for a few dollars (AU$) a day which allows them to offer this service to customers. Not just Hong Kong - The Holiday Inn Atrium in Singapore offers Handy as well, So it is around a bit. Crowne Plaza at Causeway Bay has been offereing phones for  years now for local calls etc. Good feedback on other hotels with this, but just to clarify: we've never claimed this was exclusive to the Marco Polo hotels, it's just a feature of the hotel which we chose to write up after a recent stay there.
In fairness the title says 'Hong Kong hotel' singular as well as 'Hong Kong-based Marco Polo Hotel group has come up with a novel alternative' insinuating no other hotel has this product. I used one of these phones over Chinese NY as a guest of the Intercontinental HK - I was sceptical at first but used it for data as well as tethering for my partner and had no issue over 5 days of serious data usage.
My personal favourite hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui in The Langham on Peking Road, much bigger suites and best concierge staff I have seen.

It is handy to grab one to give the other half to find out where my plastic card is having a meltdown. Nearly all 5 star hotels in Hong Kong offer this - for example the Grand Stanford Intercontinental and Hotel Icon - to name two I have used. It was so useful, not only for everything noted here but also for using them like intercoms to stay connected with my co-worker. When I first stayed there, that was one of the first things introduced to you by th ehotel staff. Users just need to be prepared to sign their life away for more than the cost of the phone if they use it, and I doubt travel insurance would cover you. So it was often I sat there at night having a free mini bar beer and using their cell phone.

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