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In this article we will build a web page that displays the contents of a company-wide phone book whose information is encoded in an XML file. This article illustrates how to display XML data in a web page using a TreeView and ListView.
The Advertising department is a subdepartment of Marketing and is where Chris, Bruce, and Sam work. Running the page now we see a TreeView with nodes corresponding to the XML structure of branches and departments.

Within this method we aim to select the data (from the source XML file) of employees that correspond to the selected node in the TreeView.
To retrieve the appropriate set of XML elements in the LinqDataSource's Selecting element we will use LINQ to XML. We need to make sure that the ListView's contents are rebound to it each time the user selects a new branch or department from the TreeView. The screenshot below shows the ListView after it has been configured to support sorting and paging.

LinqDataSource for showing the tabular employee records for the selected branch or department.

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