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Just a thought of mine - I believe that life all about living with simplicity, honesty and humility.
We are all born with our hands empty and one day we will leave this world with nothing in hand, except leaving a few good and sweet memories to those whom we were a helping hand at some point of time or the other. We are all born with some special skill probably to help yourself and your family to live or more probably to just help others.
I am Geminian as per zodic, that is the sign of Auditor or Investigator well believe me thats what i am today and i love my job to the core.

I too work in an office just like many others and most of my work involves using the Microsoft Excel Application besides others. I have been using excel for almost ten years and have developed some good knowledge about this application. Over a period i have learned Visual Basic and other programming languages and have designed couple of tools using Macros besides some useful functions of my own. This didn't end here as i got an opportunity to act a as Advanced Excel trainer and I ended providing training in Advanced Excel to some of the Top MNCs and have trained over 1000 plus people.

People who have attended my trainings also helped me to develop many tools and functions for their specific requirements.
For long i was thinking all these tools will be useful to many people not just those for whom i developed in the past but i was wondering how the rest of the world can reach me and get their hands on these tools.

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