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This article will cover all of the basics you need to know about Cricket prepaid phones.  You will find information about the plans provided by this company, some of the phones available, and some of the best current deals (at the very bottom of this page). The Cricket cell phone provider is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless International, based in Dallas, Texas. Plans: There are a variety of plans offered by the Cricket service, which all include unlimited anytime minutes and unlimited sending and receiving of text messages. For $40, unlimited long distance calls are added to the above option, where roaming minutes are charged separately at 39 cents per minute. The $50 plan includes all of these unlimited calling features plus unlimited mobile Web access as well as unlimited directory assistance.
Pros: The great thing about Cricket plans is that it is easy to understand where and in which instances all calls are unlimited.
There is an additional fee for features such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail on the cheapest plan but they are included on all other plans.

Amazon actually has some very well priced Cricket phones on sale right now.  Here are two of them. This entry was posted in cricket wireless, prepaid cell phones and tagged cricket phone deals, cricket phones, cricket prepaid cell phones, cricket wireless, prepaid cell phone plans. It is gaining in popularity for the variety of cell phone plans the company offers, which include great features as well as modern phone options.  Cricket prepaid cell phones may be a great option for you. The $30 plan is for local usage only, meaning that the phone will not work while roaming and it does not include any long distance calling. The $45 plan includes all of these features but with an expanded home calling area that include all of the Cricket networks across the country.
The top plan, the Cricket Nation 200 plan, is charged at $60 a month and includes 200 roaming minutes. This means it is difficult to find yourself overspending, and there is no contract and therefore no commitment to stick to your plan.

However, some phones are only available online and some others are only available through retailers.
A separate plan at $45 per month includes unlimited Web access but without the roaming calls. There is also an activation fee required, and their plans do not include the standard calling features than many other cell phone plan providers now include as standard.

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