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By Rob Berger 66 Comments Last week we wrote about simple ways to lower your monthly cell phone bill.
So we thought we’d put together a comprehensive review of the best prepaid cell phone plans available.
When it comes to price, prepaid plans fall into one of two categories: (1) companies that offer nothing but prepaid service, and (2) the major cell phone carriers. As you compare cost, it’s important to keep in mind that buying minutes also buys you service activation.
With Net10, you get 300 minutes of air time with the purchase of a phone, which at $0.10 a minute is a $30 value. The first map shows coverage in red and no coverage in white for its voice and messaging plans. I’ve been looking for ways to economize and when my cell contract was up, I got a Net10 phone. I don’t think prepaid phones necessecarily are cheaper, but they do give you flexibility to only buy minutes as you NEED them as opposed to giving you a plethora of minutes that will go unused each month. Despite any negative reviews I might have found, Net10 has proven to be a solid company with great savings and service that doesn’t deserve its bad rap.
Okay… I have been paying a HUGE contract bill forever and at the first of the year, I switched to prepaid for the first time in my life. I need your deal for my mom, she does talk alot on cell but want her to have one just in case of emergencies, like the 20.00 every 3 months, who do I contact to see if I can get this deal that you have ?
I recently made the switch to Net10 limited and couldn’t be happier with the service and the price. The recommended service plan for parents is $24.99 which includes unlimited parental control, text messaging, picture messaging and GPS locator.
I would just like to add that there is no long distance charges either, which can also be on the expensive side. Guess this article is a bit old since there’s no mention of StraighTalk from WalMart. Virgin Mobile offers consumers an attractive combination of good looking phones with low cost, no contract services. On this page, we review in detail how Virgin Mobile plans work, types of phones offered, the pros and cons of their services, and compare them with other prepaid phone services.
If you've already read the review and want to get started, click here to access the official Virgin Mobile website. Virgin Mobile's plans are prepaid phone plans, meaning that consumers pay at the beginning of the period.
Users can move their existing phone numbers over to Virgin Mobile in accordance with FCC guidelines. Virgin Mobile will not rollover minutes that have expired for a period into the next period. More and more low cost phone companies are moving away from offering rollover minutes, in favor of offering larger airtime packages for one low fixed monthly cost. Trendy phones - Virgin Mobile stands out for offering the best looking phones amongst prepaid phone carriers.
Low prices for phones - Amongst prepaid phone companies, Virgin Mobile offers the best prices on phones.
Credit program on phones - For more expensive phones, customers can pay in installments through Virgin Mobile's Bill Me Later program. Great online help - Virgin Mobile's site offers many tools to help users manage their account.

Great customer satisfaction - Virgin Mobile is rated as one of the top companies for customer satisfaction amongst prepaid phone companies, in JD Power's annual survey. Great for heavier phone users, less so for light users - Virgin Mobile's plans are geared towards heavier users.
This site participates in affiliate programs from various merchants, whereby website publishers can earn referral fees.
Disclosure: This site will likely receive compensation when a visitor clicks through from a link and subsequently makes a purchase. Virgin Mobile offers a $14.99 LG Aloha phone with mobile Web, text messaging, ring tones and games. TracFone's fairly simple 50 Minutes Value Plan automatically adds 50 minutes and 30 days of service to your prepaid phone every month for $9.99. While it has some minor annoyances, if you want a basic prepaid flip phone with a 2MP camera this looks like a good option. Though some look askance at those who still like to use flip phones, there's still a place for them. The LG 440g is useful for those who might be interested in hearing their text messages via the text-to-speech functionality. Perhaps you're willing to consider a QWERTY phone to keep up with the barrage of texts you're suddenly getting?
Exactly like you say, their rates are among the lowest out there but what sets them aside for me is the clarity of their pricing. I’m gonna out of town to the middle of no where and the only coverage there is verizon.
You have to spend a little more upfront to automatically double the minutes you purchase.but that is good for the life of the phone. Since I’m not a heavy user, I opted for Net10 and now my avearge spending is between $15-$30 amonth as opposed to $75.
There are pros and cons with every prepaid service and its all about which one fits best for you. It offers me so much for my money and the savings each month compared to my old contracted service are amazing. Now with all the holiday sales on Net10, you can share this with special people in your life.
For me and my family and friends (which I’ve introduced them to), StraightTalk beats out the competition. Users seek the brand out because of their reliable service, fashionable phones and good customer support. For example, if you have 150 unused talk minutes at the end of the month, it will not be rolled over to the next month.
A similar unlimited plan bundled with unlimited talk minutes would cost $50 a month or more. Besides the usual account management dashboard and toll free phone help, they provide updated and detailed FAQs and a monitored contact us form. Once the phone package arrives, you can activate the phone online and pick the no contract plan that works best for your needs.
If you purchase through the links on this site, we will more than likely receive referral commissions. You can, for example, buy a phone with basic service and then just add minutes as you need them. The cheapest plan provides 200 anytime minutes at 15 cents each, while the most expensive plan offers 650 minutes at 11 cents each with unlimited mobile-to-mobile and night and weekend calling. I would have preferred a more typical placement of the lens behind the main screen so as to be out of the way when flipped open.
Of course, a lot depends on the signal strength so you want to confirm that you have good coverage in your area.
The keypad has nice separate buttons and there's even a dedicated button for turning on the speaker.

This one has also has a megapixel camera but, unlike the Kona, also has Bluetooth file transfer.
I recently got out of my cell phone contract and decided to try Net10 since I BARELY use my phone. The best part about it for me is that you get the first 2 months of service and 300 minutes for free.
I paid $10 for the phone with doubling minutes and pay $20 every 3 months to keep it active and available.
I also like that I have the option of spending less monthly if I choose and can go as low as $15!
With the variety of phones NET10 offers, basic, smart phones, and qwerty keyboard types, you will find a phone that works for you. In addition, many people have started new phone lines or switched over to Virgin Mobile because they can save a bundle on cell phone services each month.
All plans include unlimited data and unlimited messaging, which includes SMS text messaging, emails and picture MMS.
Things can change with time, so please double-check and verify that you are satisfied with the company before making a purchase.
You can select a more high-tech phone with added features and services, and you can buy larger bundles of minutes to get them more cheaply. Calls cost 10 cents per minute to or from other Virgin Mobile phone numbers and 20 cents per minute to everyone else. For the tech conscious, T-Mobile offers the Motorola RAZR V3 phone at $99.99 with quad band world phone, Bluetooth wireless, camera, video, voice recorder, phone book, clock and calculator.
You have to sign up for the plan with a credit card or checking account number, but you can cancel at any time. As with TracFone, payment is automatically deducted from a credit card or checking account.
Finally, whether you choose true pay-as-you-go or a monthly plan, look closely at charges as well as minute rates. If you’re debating about whether to trsut a prepaid company, Net10 will convince you. This service offers me everything I need out of a cell phone plan – unbeatable savings, great coverage, and perfectly priced phones. This is something that contract carriers have been offering for a while now, and it just brings NET10 another step closer to being on the forefront of cell phone providers!
You also can choose a prepaid phone contract that's almost a hybrid of a prepaid plan and a traditional monthly plan. Its an easy way to keep close track on cell phone bills, which can easily get very expensive. Now, yea I might be paying $.10 a minute, but I only buy what I need, which is about 200 a month (so about $20 worth) with Net10. It is not unlimited but I can purchase enough minutes, at my usage rate, to last an entire year and all I have to wory about is purchasing more before the next due date, which is displayed on the phone. Its a really good service and I def reccommend it to others looking for a great prepaid deal.
I once had to pay $200 in early termination fee which was so aggrevating and a complete waste of money! Still no contract, flexibility in choosing your plans, and great coverage using the AT&T provider network.
They have a variety of phones, plans for every type of user, and from what I’ve discovered the best prepaid coverage in the US.
Depending on the best coverage in your neighborhood, it uses Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile.

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