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It is hard to identify what could be 3 best prepaid plans 2011 because many factors are involved in picking ones.
There are so many good offers from prepaid cell phone providers right now that little things decide, or perhaps not so little. T-Mobile’s $30 Monthly4G prepaid plan is the first one of the 3 best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012. The next prepaid plan that easily can be reckon as one of the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 is Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data.
The Straight Talk is tricky since phones run on different networks Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint so users must be cautious while choosing the phone due to the coverage they are in. Another reason for picking this carrier and this plan is that at the time of writing this article, you can get everything unlimited for just a $30 per month. One of the prepaid cell phone providers that offer one of the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 is Simple Mobile. These are the best prepaid plans 2011 and 2012 limited to 3, not for everyone, off course but in general. Many factors are involved in choosing the right cell phone plan, best possible carrier and handset as well. Virgin Mobile is better than all of these – I pay $25 for unlimited data, text, and 300 minutes per month. Flexibility: Suspend service when going on vacations, or simply don't need cellular service. Canadian customers of Rogers, a prepaid brand from this country might have serious problems in the following weeks using their network. IPhones were always a nice target for thieves, considering their popularity and the money which you can make by selling them. Sony will launch its first smartphone from 2015, Xperia E4, which has some pretty interesting features. The Moto E who use Sprint prepaid services might have a nice surprise if they are Motorola fans. Starting Wednesday, 11th of February 2015, the law regarding the interdiction of cell phone service providers to forbid you unlock your SIM became officially.
Jolt Mobile surprised its customers by moving from one big network to another in quite a short and unexpected time. In the case you have relatives and friends abroad, SonarTel might be a good decision for you in case you want to spend with them some hundreds of minutes on the phone. Worlda€™s biggest smartphone chip maker, Qualcomm, from the United States of America, got a huge fine from Chinese authorities because it came out that the company is guilty for breaching national antitrust regulations.
Smartphone addiction became a pretty dangerous behavior in our days and, unfortunately, this is quite a real fact among many of us.
Since the start of the last quarter of 2014, Sprint started an aggressive campaign aimed to regain customers and especially to attract as much as possible newbies. Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone producers from the market right now, but it cana€™t stay only in this industry for too long, considering the big competition. Google is expanding its business and so 10 years ago the company made Google Apps which had the purpose, from the beginning to challenge harshly the Microsoft Office system.
After several other ideas, Apple looks like aiming to launch a search engine, something similar to Google.
Android, iOS and Windows are the most popular operating systems among smartphones from all over the world. Many cell phone service providers from the United States are reducing costs for their customers, in the willing that those will stay with them no matter what will happen or, why not, new ones will come to their company and sign up.
Speaking about promotions from the big four carriers of the United States, let us bring into the light also an offer prepared by AT&T for its customers and potential customers. Smartphones which are used in our days are getting boring at some point, without mattering what they can do. In the idea of getting the attention back on them from cell phone service users from the United States of America, Sprint thought of a promotion which might allow you, if you choose to follow it, to lease an iPhone 6 and an iPad mini 3 for only 100 dollars. In the United States to get unlimited talk and text nationwide isna€™t a problem in our days without mattering what kind of plan you have for your mobile phone.

Being a Hispanic MNVO of T-Mobile, Univision Mobile fixed some pretty good offers for their customers. The LTE network from the United States of America increases rapidly because many of the small companies try to keep close with this kind of service and adopt it more and more in order to satisfy their customersa€™ needs.
Most prepaid providers reached a strategy of increasing the amount of data which they give to their customers, but U.S. Cricket Wireless competed at promotions especially with giant T-Mobile but still, their offers look without an end. Even though at a first analysis a prepaid plan can bring far many advantages than postpaid ones, especially when it comes to cumulate the total amount of money which you spend in a while, let just say, one year, things turn in reality a bit different. Samsung and Apple sold exactly 74.5 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2014 which looked quite like a coincidence. The trend of more high speed data is practiced by more and more cell phone operators from the United States of America territory. In the last few months, Boost Mobile had a promotion which included all customers which havena€™t a contract with Sprint. At this moment, in the world, are about 1.39 billion users of Facebook from which, 526 million accessed their accounts from their smartphone.
With only 2.9 percent of the smartphones equipped in 2014 with their OS, Microsoft struggles to grow this year once Windows 10 operating system will be done. Tracfone has on its web site a pretty cool feature which helps you with your search when it comes for a specific type of cell phone. Apple remains the only company with smartphones that have Touch ID technology, even though it was expected also that Nexus 6 will get some of those functions. Amazon prepared another interesting offer for Verizon customers who want a phablet but dona€™t want to give away a lot of money.
Motorola leaves its base from the United States of America and will move back to the biggest increasing smartphone markets from all world, China. The cell phone industry still looks tempting for companies which have nothing to do with it.
Boost Mobile, the Sprint MVNO prepared some promotions for their customers which are expected to last until the end of March, so two months from now on.
I know that this hasna€™t anything to do with smartphones or prepaid plans or any kind of cell phones, but we all grew with Windows operating systems on our desktops or laptops so this is why I think it is a nice idea to speak a bit about the latest version of this OS, Windows 10.
WhatsApp became one of the applications which figures as a must need on everybodya€™s smartphone. China is one of the biggest markets for Apple in the World, but it looks like the Chinese authorities demanded the right to check in detail the devices made by the American company so this way they can approve without any concern the products for their customers. Smartphones arena€™t cheap acquisition most of the time, but producers made also devices which can fulfill some expectations, especially regarding Internet, but also at low prices. Samsung is definitely a producer that makes very popular smartphones so this is why, we thought it might be a good idea to present here, like a comparison, the characteristics of the last four models appeared on the market, all in 2014. Apple phones, iPhones of course, are still dominating clearly the market in the idea that this type of devices still have best sales in the United States. T-Mobilea€™s intention of becoming the third cell phone carrier from the United State in front of Sprint Mobile. The fact that postpaid services and land lines mean also paying the 911 service may oblige also the prepaid providers to add a tax.
Google is a very extended company in the cell phone industry as its Android operating system powers up almost 85 percent of the total smartphones from around the world. Android has more than 300,000 applications at this moment becoming for the first time ever number one on the market at this chapter, before Apple. What’s good offer for one user is not for another due to the bad coverage or no coverage at all, for example or if proper handset lacks.
Handsets are very important aspect from customers’ point of view but prepaid cell phone providers already know that. This Walmart exclusive plan is great due to the low monthly rate of $30 but the key here is $30 for what. This plan is available for a year and a half now and still is one of the most competitive ones.

If phone model number is ending with G, the phone runs on either AT&T or T-Mobile and if it ends with C, they run on Verizon.
For $40 per month, users are entitled to unlimited talk, text and web at 3G speeds, a plan that’s compatible with Android smartphones. Many other cell phone plans can also be added here like Boost Mobile with its $55 plan but that can be lowered to $40 after 18 on-time payments, thanks to Shrinkage plan. All we can do is to search for the one that suits our needs the best and stick to it if works, not the phone, the carrier and plan. I mean, few of us can say that they are dona€™t using this socialization site at least once in a while.
Initially an AT&T MVNO, Jolt Mobile uses now the smaller but also cheaper network of T-Mobile. Until now, you could get for every prepaid plan you choose from the operator 100 international minutes bonus.
Valentinea€™s day is coming and this is a great occasion for everybody to let the promotions and the offers loose.
The Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system is available for Samsung users in the United States now. Cellular looks like considering another strategy to give something to the ones who are using their services. For the American company this was a great number, as their sales increased, but for the South Koreans their profit felt very severe. The increase of popularity from the last years suggest so and for this we are taking a look on advantages and disadvantages in having a huge cell phone because, basically, this is a phablet.
It is regardless to say that in the last years they try to adopt the best pricing when it comes to their cell phone plans and also when it comes to buying a cell phone.
The fact that in late 2014 they had their best quarter from history because they sold a lot of smartphones and other devices reflected very well in their pockets. The officials of the American company made the announce that the device will be on market in April but didna€™t give any additional details about a precise date. A couple of years ago, rumors circulated about the fact that the American company gathers information about the users without their permission.
However, in general, there are few cheap phone plans, not in term of the value alone but regarding what user gets with that plan, what level of freedom in using it. That’s why, most of them give a lot of attention to cell phone offers, researching and predicting what users might like and look for in device.
Well, new trend of using cell phones involves every type of staying in touch but the original one, talking. Even offer of the popular handsets is not the problem any more since Straight Talk added Android smartphones to its lineup, Samsung Precedent and LG Optimus Q. This is great offer since you pay relatively low monthly fee while using your Android phone on 3G speeds.
Still, this plan requires staying long enough while these already mentioned are valid right away.
Since voice minutes are not that important to users any more, this plan is perfect since it offers 100 voice minutes and 10 cents per minute extra charge when going over this allowance. Remember, for the same thing you would end up paying $45 at Straight Talk but $30 on T-Mobile and Walmart deal without unlimited talk.
Another plan worth of mentioning is Republic Wireless $19 unlimited plan that offers unlimited service while on WiFi and sort of limited on Sprint cellular network.
Still, next to handsets, to prepaid customers monthly bill is quite important so this is where best prepaid plans or cheapest phone plans come in.
In case that you would like unlimited everything on 4G speeds on T-Mobile HPSA+ network, Simple Mobile offers that possibility as well for $60 per month.
Also, it uses T-Mobile’s infrastructure for its service so if you are in the right coverage, definitely consider it.

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