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The good thing about using a prepaid cell phone from this company, like many others, is that you have no commitment and no contract. Boost Mobile boasts a pay-as-you-go plan in which each minute costs 20 cents 7 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 cents on nights and weekends. If you are someone who uses their phone a lot and want to go to a prepaid phone, then you want a more comprehensive plan–especially of you are a fan of texting and talk a lot on your phone on the weekends and evenings.
Boost Mobile phone packages start under $30 and include a Motorola phone, $5 of service credit, simple instructions for getting started, and no hidden activation fees. This entry was posted in boost mobile, prepaid cell phones and tagged boost, boost mobile, boost mobile prepaid phones, boost mobile unlimited plan, cell phone, cellphone, prepaid cell phones, sprint, unlimited prepaid plan. I was with AT&T for several years before the customer service and extra fees just killed me – I decided to shop around. But there is an option being offered by Boost’s sister company, Virgin Mobile via Sprint, that has real potential to help a lot of people and should be getting more coverage. Their “Assurance Wireless” program is being in offered in five states and exclusively to low income, qualifying families and its an amazing deal. CompRite is your local cell phone super store for the best prepaid cell phone service in the Portland Metro Area and Vancouver, Washington.
Need Accessories for Your Phone?We have cell phone home chargers, car chargers, cell phone batteries, extended life batteries, covers, cases and screen protectors. Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer and get access to over 40 Prepaid Carriers available to refill. As an authorized reseller of the pin-less products you will earn up to 20% of the amount that you sell.
In the United States, it is the norm to sign up with a cell phone company, maybe receive a discounted phone, and pay a standard monthly fee plus other taxes, mysterious fees, and overage minutes.
One big reason people are starting to look in the direction of a pay as you go mobile phone plan is there is no commitment and no contract.
Other people may want to purchase a prepaid cell phone because they have credit problems and cannot sign a contract with companies like Verizon or AT&T.
The best thing to do is look at your situation and see if you use all the minutes for which you pay. If you do, you may want to look at a few prepaid cell phones and get a little more freedom and flexibility. Read about tracfone prepaid cell phone options.  Also, read more reviews of prepaid plans from all carriers to compare and contrast. You may be interested in reading about some of the big name prepaid plans that are out right now.  Some companies you may want to check out are Straight Talk, TracFone, and Boost Mobile. Straight Talk wireless and Boost Mobile are notable because they both have unlimited plans that are heating up the market. This entry was posted in cell phones, prepaid cell phones and tagged cell phones, prepaid cell phone service, prepaid cell phones, prepaid phone reviews, prepaid phones.
A calming feeling of freedom and relief washes over the missionary for the first time in a couple of years.
One of the easiest options you have, especially for a short trip home, is to borrow a family member’s phone. When talking about prepaid phones in this list I am specifically talking about phones you can buy and add credit to. If your stay in the US is a few weeks or less, then you may not be concerned about the best rates long term. You may need to wait until you get to the area where you will be using the phone to purchase and activate it. These are also prepaid phones, but they work a little differently than the options described above. You can almost always get a better rate per minute with a monthly prepaid phone than you can with the ones you have to purchase credits for as you use them. Many of the major carriers have monthly prepaid options, but their prices are usually the worst you can find. It is also possible to buy out someone’s contract if you are going to be back in the US for a specific amount of time (but longer than just a few months).
With great services like Google Voice you can get a phone number assigned to you that you can forward to any cell phone or home phone you want. Forwarding a number to your temporary phone gives you the opportunity to use the same phone number for several years even though the physical phone you are using will change.
My parents returned from Indonesia for what they expected to be a short (about 6-months) stay. However due to health issues their stay has been greatly extended — this plan is costing them a small fortune each month, but due to the fact they have given this number out to so many folks they are hesitant to change.
That is one problem with the prepaid phones, they certainly aren’t always the cheapest. One of the biggest problems with a contract situation is that you end up with that early termination fee that can be far worse than a high per minute rate.
After having a $30 a month cell phone bill over the last year, I am hesitant to go back to a contract plan costing $100 a month. I have even been willing to pay a bit extra per month for the privilege of not having a contract.

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With all the major cell phone providers offering their own prepaid wireless plans, which one should you choose to go with? You’ve seen lots of marketing from lots of companies, how can you be sure what’s right for you and which one is really the best deal? Are you currently locked into a long smartphone contract, and looking for something better when your contract ends? If you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and wishing you could buy it without a contract, you’re in luck. For a lot of people that are dipping their toes into the prepaid cell phone market for the first time, Cricket is the first name that pops into mind in terms of telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service. Prepaid cell phone service is becoming a more affordable alternative to contract plans, as many major cell phone carriers, such as AT&T® and Verizon®, offer comparable plans without the hassle of a two-year contract. With so many choices out there, though, it can be hard to choose the best plan that’s right for you. Step into the fold: Simple Mobile, a small but powerful prepaid wireless carrier that operates on T-Mobile’s brand networks, yet beats it in every way possible. Plus, you get 20 MB of data to use each month for things like e-mailing and surfing the web.
I love not having to worry about a contract and their $50 unlimited plan is a real money saver over my $110+ previous bills – no worry about overage fees from texting anymore. The Spring powered calling network is giving me pretty dependable coverage with the ocassional dead zone.
Qualifers can get both a phone and 200 minutes, with no fees or contract, for free with the potential to expand their program at. While free is a bit much to ask of already loyal customers, maybe Sprint and its parents companies could offer something like this for $10 for everyone – new and old customers alike. CompRite's main focus is getting you an affordable phone service with the best coverage in Portland that you want, without any contracts! Key is to set up customers on auto-recharge so that they get charged every month and you make residual income monthly. You have to fight for new customers each day, and then you lose revenue when they move or go somewhere else for refill or when they get a text and signup on line. Signup the customer with The Pin Portal AutoRefill then you keep on making profit; not just once but as long as that customer Auto Refills! When they get to the field they feel like they have to get a cell phone as soon as possible. This can be done either through purchasing a card at a local store or recharging the phone’s minutes via a credit card over the phone or through a website. Choose a provider that gives you the best price for the type of communication you will be using. If your calls will be primarily short conversations to arrange family meetings, then a per-call connection fee can burn through your credit quickly. Some phones come with a SIM card that can only be activated with a phone number in the area code where it is bought.
These are a great option when you need a phone longer than a few weeks but not long enough to get locked into a contract. To get your hands on a 6 month contract will still require a credit check, but you should end up with a lower cost per minute plan than the prepaid options above.
This can be easily switched from phone to phone so that you can get incoming calls to a single phone number even though you might be using several phones over a period of time. Unless you use a smartphone that lets you mask your outgoing number, you will still register in the caller ID of the person you are calling as your temporary phone number, but anyone can call you at the main number you give to them. His focus is helping churches in Latin America start ministries for the Deaf in their communities. Each time I go to the US for any length of time I get struck with the panic I described above. I don’t know what the rules are for being able to transfer the number, but they may be able to transfer their number to something like Google Voice and then have their number forward to another phone. Or perhaps you are between smartphone service providers right now, and are balking at all the companies that ask you to sign a two-year contract.
Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have both just announced on their respective Facebook pages that the new smartphone will be coming to both prepaid phone companies.
It’s the bestselling smartphone on the market, and features technology which is truly cutting edge.
There’s a good reason for this, since they were one of the first providers of this kind of service on the market and shaped the category as a whole. Its parent company is TracFone; the pay-as-you-go cellular service that is featured rather prominently in retail markets.
While it operates off the Nationwide Sprint PCS network, it’s quite an anomaly compared to Sprint, as well as other providers. It covers practically every part of the country, save for a few rural portions in states like Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana.
Telcel America is a subset of the powerful TracFone brand that's geared strictly for Hispanic consumers living in the United States.

You get better deals, period, because Simple Mobile isn’t weighed down by brand recognition. Unlimited Talk n Text has no hidden fees, and once you’re on the plan you can replenish your account and even set up automatic monthly refills right here on our website. The internet can be a little slow depending on the area and the downloads are a bit pricy, but nothing I haven’t seen before.
Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and offer new services to your offerings. However, it only takes a few days without a cell phone to realize that they really don’t need to send 75 text messages and talk on the phone for 3 hours every day. It doesn’t take a full-blown furlough to cause cell phone panic to grip the missionary.
Of course you would probably be expected to pay for the service, but it keeps you from having to go through the hassle of getting the service put into place. If someone calls and thinks they have a wrong number you have to remember that the caller was expecting to hear your mom’s voice, not yours. Instead of giving a list of providers, here is a list of things to look for when comparing providers.
When you need to use the phone longer than a month or two then you should do more in-depth shopping and comparing options. Activation fees are not necessarily bad, but you have to see if the cost of the activation fee is offset by a lower price per minute for using the phone.
Some providers give you free incoming texts while others dock your credit amount for each message you receive. However, long phone calls to update pastors on your progress may benefit from the cheaper cost per minute that the connection fee provides. If you buy the phone in a different area code or exchange than the number you want, you may have to wait until the company mails you an appropriate SIM card.
The most-important difference is that these phones aren’t a good option for any stay of less than a month, but become much more economical for longer stays.
If you already have a VoIP provider like Vonage, you might be able to forward your regular phone number to a temporary cell phone while traveling in the US. Missionary Geek shows how technology can be used while transmitting the message of missions. Weighing in at just 3.95 ounces, it is incredibly lightweight, but packs some serious power with its A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor.
It offers terrific rates and nationwide coverage, but its cellular services are limited by 3G speeds. The neat thing about Straight Talk is that you only need to visit a local Walmart store to purchase and set-up a plan.
Unlike its colleague, Net10 offers a broader range of services that may appeal to customers not looking to go the pay-as-you-go route. It has only two official monthly plans, both of which only cater to those seeking voice and text services.
As a result, it does suffer from steep pricing, but that’s why it’s geared mainly for individuals and families who desire high-quality, coast-to-coast wireless service. Note that Telcel America is not the same as Telcel, which is a fully featured, independent provider that operates in Mexico. You can also bring (“port”) your existing phone numbers with you to the new service from other plans or from landlines.
While the program is new, I can only hope it will expand to more states and people who could also use a plan like this.
Even a return trip of one or two weeks will have the missionary looking at all his options for obtaining a cell phone within an hour or two of the plane landing.
Many couples will have two phones, but one of them is only ever used to call or receive calls from the other of the two phones. If you are home for a short period of time you could waste half your opportunity to use the phone while waiting for the card. It’s like a prepaid wireless carrier combined with a wireless Internet provider in perfect harmony. All this for $39.95 a month, and with the reliability and coverage or our nationwide network! Industry exclusive access to AutoRefill and the ability to lock your customers in long term. While a cell phone is still probably important, the missionary quickly learns that it is not a sin to go to the grocery store without the cell phone attached to their ear. Each day you use the phone you will pay a surcharge from your credit just for the privilege of making a call. Though, I think Sprint was glad to see me go when I moved out of the US and no longer needed their service. I can then change phones as necessary without having to worry about transferring the number around.

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