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Notice that from China its taking 23.34 secs, while from any other country it takes less than 3 secs to load the page. After cursing The Great Wall; just as we were exploring options for hosting our server inside The Great Wall, we noticed something strange.
Hmmm…somehow the content served by our Windows Server is triggering a check inside the Great Wall. Wait a sec….we serve our content via HTTPS, could the Great Wall be looking for keywords inside a HTTPS stream? May be it has to do with some difference in the headers, since most firewalls look at header info to take decisions.
Firewall settings on the Windows Server: It was easy to rule this out, since we had disabled the firewall for all requests coming from our Reverse Proxy Server.
To verify this, we installed Wire Shark on our Windows servers to monitor Reverse DNS Lookup.
I found a piece of logging code, which was taking the User IP and trying to find its host name. On further investigation, I figured that our Windows Server did not have any DNS servers configured for the private Ethernet Interface we were using, while Linux had it.

Eliminated the useless logging code and configured the right DNS servers on our Windows Servers. Lattu[Abbot] unable to access my RCP application on CI box At my previous client, we were using Lattu [Abbot] for testing RCP applications. Reverse Sourcing Yes I’m talking about Reverse Sourcing and not the tradition outsourcing. Windows Registry Hell Currently I‘m developing a webApp, which is deployed using Tomcat 5. DATABASE ERROR CODE: 257 in SQL Server Of late, we have been getting the following error every now and then. Once we receive the reply we calculate and store the round trip information in our database. But then soon we realized the since traceroute and web access (http) uses different protocols, they could use completely different routes to reach the destination. The actual content being served from Windows or Linux servers should be transparent to clients.
Have the exact same content served by both Windows and Linux box and see if it made any difference.
When he heard 14 secs delay, he immediately told me that it sounds like a standard Reverse DNS Lookup timeout.

Besides if we did it in our code, both Windows and Linux Servers should have the same delay.
Just out of curiosity, one night, I search our whole code base for any reverse DNS lookup code. Access all public records including court, criminal, arrest, marriage, divorce, birth, death, phone, address records and much more! On further investigation, we realized that all pages served from our Windows servers were slower by at least 14 secs compared to pages served by our Linux servers. Interestingly the exact same content served from Windows server is still slow by at least 14 secs. Since our application does not have any country specific code, who else could be interfering with this?

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