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LG REMARQ LN240 QWERTY KEYBOARD 1.3 MEGAPIXEL SPRINT WHOLESALE CELL PHONES - FACTORY REFURBISHEDMany handset companies are keen on showing their eco-friendly side these days, and LG is all too happy to join the movement with the LG Remarq. SPRINT CELL PHONES FOR SALE WITHOUT CONTRACTSales htc evo g cell phone deals on used and mobile. The Samsung Seek is also the first phone to feature recyclable packaging that allows you to easily repackage and mail used cell phones for recycling with the enclosed postage-paid mailing label and Seek box.In addition to fast 3G speeds from Sprint's high-speed EV-DO network, you'll enjoy GPS navigation capabilities for accessing the optional Sprint Navigation turn-by-turn direction service. We first saw the Remarq at CTIA 2010, and it's a slider messenger that's made out of 19 percent recycled plastic. It has many of the same features as the Optimus T - it ships with Android 2.2, has Wi-Fi and 3G, and it can act as a portable Wi-Fi hot spot. It also apparently has low levels of both polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants.
The Optimus S is also one of a few phones to support Sprint's new Sprint ID packs, which let you customize the phone with certain personality profiles.DesignWhen we first saw the LG Optimus S, we thought we were looking at a clone of the LG Optimus T. We're impressed that LG took the time to make the packaging cardboard eco-friendly as well. Indeed, the two phones are very similar, not just in terms of features, but also in design.
Even the LG Remarq charger is energy-efficient with an Energy Star certification.Aside from its eco-conscious features, the Remarq is a decent messaging phone. Additionally, you can access many other e-mail providers through the software's support of POP3 and IMAP.• Access to instant messaging via popular IM services from AOL, Yahoo!
You won't get high-speed EV-DO here, but you do get a 1.3-megapixel camera, a music player, a microSD card slot, a speakerphone, and quick access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. It being an entry-level phone, you won't get high-end graphics as seen on a Droid X or a MyTouch 3G, but we think it still looks great. The LG Remarq is quite a steal, as it's available for free after a $50 mail-in rebate and a new two-year agreement with Sprint.DesignThe LG Remarq's short and squat design follows in the footsteps of many square slider phones before it, like the Samsung Reclaim and the Verizon Wireless Blitz.
This feature is speaker-independent, so there is no need to train the phone to respond to any one person's voice. Some might not like this style of phone, but we have taken quite a shine to the cute and chubby form factor. You can adjust the brightness, the backlight timer, and the transitions between opening and closing apps.
Aside from multitouch and pinch-to-zoom, the Optimus S also has a proximity sensor and an internal accelerometer.Underneath the display is where you start to see the differences between the Optimus T and the Optimus S. The Home and Menu keys are switched, and while the Optimus T housed the Home and Back keys in one panel, the Optimus S separated them out into individual keys. It fits 220x176 pixels and has 262,000-color support, which result in crisp and colorful images and text.
You can adjust the brightness, the backlight time, the appearance of the clock, calendar, and greeting text, the font size, and the screensaver.
The Optimus S has a slightly wider volume rocker on the right spine, and it also has a voice command key and a camera key, while the Optimus T had neither. A high-speed data standard, this phone enables you to download and stream high-quality video, straight onto your phone.

The Optimus S houses its microSD card slot on the left spine, but the Optimus T hid it behind the battery cover. On the back is the camera lens next to a leaf-shaped external speaker.Slide the display up and you'll reveal a full four-row QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, you can access many other e-mail providers through the software's support of POP3 & IMAP. Both ship with Android 2.2, and both have five customizable home screens, but the Optimus S can be further customized with Sprint's Sprint ID pack system.
A "Sprint ID" is essentially a profile of preconfigured wallpapers, shortcuts, widgets, and settings.
The Sprint Mobile Email Work Calendar tool lets you sync directly with your work calendar in Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. The keyboard has the usual symbol and function keys, and we like that the spacebar and enter keys are larger than the rest. You can switch between different profiles by tapping the Sprint ID icon on the home screen. Enjoy one-click access to your calendar, plus the ability to add new events and get reminders when they come up.
It also has a backlight.FeaturesThe LG Remarq has a 600-entry phone book, with room in each entry for six numbers, three e-mail addresses, a memo, a web URL, an instant messenger handle, a street address, a birthday, a job title, and a company name. The idea behind the Sprint ID system is that instead of having to personalize your starting home screens from scratch, your selected Sprint ID will do it for you.
You can also add a picture for photo caller ID, assign the entry to a caller group, or customize it with one of 23 ringtones or one of four vibration types.
Read our full review of Sprint ID for more details.Along with the ID button on the home screen, you also get shortcuts to the phone dialer and the main menu. Other basic features include a vibrate mode, a speakerphone, an alarm clock, a calendar, a calculator, a unit converter, a tip calculator, a notepad, a world clock, and a stopwatch. The phone dialer app is fairly self-explanatory and is similar to the one we've seen on other Android phones. The Remarq also has GPS with Sprint Navigation and Family Locator services, USB Mass Storage, voice command capabilities, a mobile Web browser, and stereo Bluetooth.To further boost the Remarq's eco-friendly status, buried within the calculator submenu is a tool called the Eco Calculator. As for messaging, the Optimus S only comes with the default multitouch Android keyboard--you'll have to download and install Swype on your own if you prefer that.FeaturesEven though the Optimus S is billed as an entry-level smartphone, it's still chock-full of features.
They include voice dialing over Bluetooth, app storage on a memory card, a new camera viewfinder, app sharing, and Facebook integration. It's a little gimmicky, but it might be of interest if you're especially conscious of your carbon usage.Of course, you also get text and multimedia messaging along with a threaded view so you can see your conversation as a back-and-forth chat. You can set it up with a variety of Web mail providers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail, as well as your own POP or IMAP server. In fact, you can access your work e-mail on here as well, provided your employer uses Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access (OWA). Instant messaging is available as well.In addition to the Web browser, the Remarq has a few social networking applications installed by default.
They include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Sprint's own Social Zone, which provides access to forums like Asian Avenue.

You can use GPS with Google's own Maps and Latitude apps as well as the Sprint Navigation app.Basic features on the Optimus S include a speakerphone, vibrate mode, conference calling, voice dialing, visual voice mail, a calendar, and text and multimedia messaging. Sprint did a decent job with these Java-based apps, but we did find that they took a little too long to launch for our liking. The phone book is limited only by the available memory, and there's room in each phone book entry for multiple numbers, e-mail addresses, IM handles, and more.
You can easily update your status and upload pictures with these apps, just like you can on the regular Web site versions.The Remarq has a music player we've seen on other Sprint phones before.
You can organize songs by artists, albums, and genres, and you can also create and edit playlists on the fly. Of course it also supports all of Google's own apps like the aforementioned Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Talk, and Voice search. It doesn't come with a lot of extra apps and games, but you can get those via the Android Marketplace.The music and video players are standard Android fare, so there's no surprise there.
There's no EV-DO on here, so you won't be able to download music from the Sprint Music Store. Other settings include four color tones, brightness, five white balance presets plus a manual option, nine fun frames, zoom (not available in highest resolution), and a self-timer.
It can take pictures in five resolutions, and settings include an adjustable ISO, different white balance presets, color effects, a timer, brightness, six scene modes (Automatic, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night, and Sunset), four focus modes (Auto, Macro, Face tracking, and Manual), and 2x digital zoom.
The Remarq does not have a camcorder.You can customize the Remarq with graphics and ringtones from the Sprint web store, or you can use your own images and sound files for wallpaper and ringtones. There's also a video recorder that can record VGA, QVGA, and QCIF clips.PerformanceWe tested the LG Optimus S in San Francisco using Sprint.
We heard our callers loud and clear, but did think there was a bit of static in the background. We heard our callers clearly without a problem, though we did notice the occasional static blip. When we called automated phone systems, they recognized our voices without problems.Callers, however, said that we sounded a little digitized.
They also reported that our voice clarity was inconsistent--it was clear one second, and oddly muffled another. Though they heard us fine for the most part, they complained about a faint but persistent background hum.
They could still hear what we were saying, but it was definitely not as clean as they would have preferred.
Speakerphone quality was not much better--our voices sounded even more muffled, and the echo increased as well.We were mostly pleased with the EV-DO Rev.
Overall though, we could still carry on a conversation, so it was merely an annoyance, and not a deal breaker.Audio quality from the phone's speakers was predictably tinny and mediocre.
We loaded the CNET mobile page in 12 seconds, and YouTube videos had only a few seconds' buffering time.

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