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Certain moving expenses are deductible when computing your income for the year, depending on your tax bracket you could reduce your tax bill by up to 50% of your expenses. You are moving to a new location to start a job or a business, or attend courses full-time at a post-secondary institution.
Mortgage interest, insurance, property taxes and utilities associated with old residence while attempting to sell it, to a limit of $5,000 for maximum 3 month period. Use your key for the next articleNext: Inline 6 versus V6, the advantages and disadvantages of both. Many experts say HOV toll lanes can be a good revenue source, but actual impact on road congestion may be minimal.
Opposition parties denounced the plan, with conservatives calling it another tax on overtaxed drivers.
Daniel CroutchWaterloo Automotive ExaminerDan is a car geek, gamer, and longtime IT professional. Recycling plastics is a win-win scenario for automakersAs automakers turn to plastics and composites to trim weight and increase the safety of their vehicles, they’re also taking advantage of plastics recycling in the manufacturing process. Renewing and expanding public infrastructure supports Ontarioa€™s industries, creates jobs and provides long-term benefits to Ontarians and the economy. Ontario, through its ongoing and planned investments, is leading the renewal and expansion of transportation and other critical infrastructure. Total investments are expected to support over 110,000 jobs per year, on average, in construction and related industries, including 20,000 jobs from investments made as part of Moving Ontario Forward.
The Province plans to provide almost $900 million over 10 years to address critical maintenance repairs and upgrades to existing postsecondary facilities. Ontario plans to provide more than $11 billion in hospital capital grants over 10 years to provide adequate infrastructure capacity in the health care sector.
The Moving Ontario Forward plan demonstrates Ontario’s strong stance on the importance of investing in critical infrastructure by strategically unlocking value from certain provincial assets. Net proceeds from the sale of qualifying provincial assets will be placed in the Trillium Trust, to be used to support infrastructure investments under the Moving Ontario Forward plan.
Moving Ontario Forward will transform the GO Transit network to a more frequent, flexible and convenient regional transit service. One key outcome will be Regional Express Rail (RER): more trains, more frequent trips and faster service for commuters.
RER will provide significant new travel choices including enhanced service, with trains running up to every 15 minutes, and providing two-way, all-day services on weekdays, during the evenings and on weekends in core areas. In order to lay the foundation for RER, the government will provide additional funding to enhance existing GO Transit rail service. RER will provide the backbone for a regional network, which would also be the foundation for the SmartTrack proposal in the City of Toronto.
Repurposing revenues from the existing Harmonized Sales Tax charged on the current provincial taxes on gasoline and road diesel.
Working with the federal government to secure federal funding through the Building Canada Plan. Supplementing dedicated funds by leveraging provincial borrowing to ensure a stable funding source is available to support priority projects. In February 2015, Ontario completed the sale of its remaining shares in General Motors, which, including the redemption of its preferred shares, resulted in a gain of $1.1 billion. These gains, including the additional $200 million generated, are now dedicated to the Trillium Trust, for investment in public infrastructure.
Ontario is building new toll roads, but these additions to Highway 407 will be run by the province with revenue flowing to public works. Surveys show Ontarians aren’t keen on toll roads, but they should welcome construction of another 65 kilometres of pay-as-you-go highway in the Greater Toronto Area. Construction is expected to start this fall on a 23-kilometre section of toll route pushing work on Highway 407 eastward, from Harmony Rd.

Unlike the initial stretch of Highway 407, completed in 1997 and recklessly leased away by the government of then-premier Mike Harris, tolls generated on this section of the 407 will flow to the public purse.
Meanwhile, ever-longer commutes are robbing people of time they could be sharing with family or de-stressing after a strenuous work day. One factor in that intense opposition was the public’s bad experience with tolls on Highway 407.
Worse than that, the 407 consortium was able to jack up tolls dramatically, tripling them to the outrage of hard-pressed motorists. The latest Highway 407 expansion is, at least, a change of direction from that earlier bad deal.
Drivers could be motoring on this newly completed section of provincial pay-as-you-go road by the end of this year. Ontario would be well-served if there were more such highways easing gridlock and generating revenue. The Star's Public Editor welcomes reader comments and complaints about news and feature content in the print and online editions. The Highway 407 East project is comprised of three highways; these are Highway 407, Highway 412 and Highway 418.
This project enhances central Ontario's highway system and is one of the largest highway construction projects ever in the province. Highways 412 and 418, two north-south highways (10 kms each) connecting Highway 407 to Highway 401. Highway 407, east of Brock Road, and Highways 412 and 418 will be publicly owned and tolled highways. The Ontario government will set and regulate tolls, retain the toll revenue and establish high customer service standards. As of July 1, 2015, the toll rates will be in effect and apply when Highway 407 and Highway 412 are opened to traffic. Planning Application Resource Centre (PARC): A one-stop resource, bringing together information from 8 partner ministries.
The Ontario government has revealed that allowing solo drivers to pay a toll to drive in high-occupancy vehicle lanes will be among the new revenue streams for GTA transit expansion proposed in Thursdaya€™s budget.
Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Wednesday that the high-occupancy vehicle, or HOV, lanes will still be available for freeaccess by cars with at least two occupants. However, solo drivers will be able to purchase a transponder that enable charges for the privilege of driving in the HOV lanes.
Sousa was clear that residents in other parts of Ontario will not be required to pay for transit projects slated for the GTA.
The government estimates that by introducing high-occupancy toll lanes it can raise between $160 million and $250 million per year.
Premier Kathleen Wynne said earlier this month that new revenue streams are required to fund transit expansion plans designed to ease gridlock in the GTA.
Proposals in the 25-year plan by Metrolinx, called a€?The Big Move,a€? include extending the Yonge Subway line into York Region, new rapid transit lines, a downtown relief subway line in Toronto and projects to make cycling and walking easier. Tolls for HOV lanes are just one idea that has been bandied about for funding the project, as well as a fuel tax and parking levies. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who the Liberals need to support the budget or their government falls, has rejected the idea of transit taxes, saying they will add to the financial burden on Ontario families. The government is expected to unveil more revenue tools for transit and infrastructure expansion in the budget, which will be tabled in the legislature Thursday afternoon.
Once complete, the Highway 407 East project will help relieve congestion and support the efficient movement of people and goods through the eastern Greater Toronto Area and beyond.
Although connected to the existing 407 ETR, Highway 407 is a separate entity owned and operated by the Province of Ontario.
These provincially owned tolled highways will be assets that will increase in value over time.

The Government of Ontario will regulate and set toll rates and retain revenue generated from Highways 407, 412 and 418 tolls.
Customers will receive a single invoice for travel on 407 ETR and Highways 407 and 412 with trips on each highway itemized.
The contract with 407EDG is for a fixed price of $1 billion in 2012 dollars, to be delivered by Spring 2016. These activities include acquiring the necessary property along the highway corridor, field work such as archaeological investigations, obtaining species-at-risk permits, and relocating utility infrastructure such as hydro towers.
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That is why investing in infrastructure is a key pillar of the governmenta€™s plan for Ontario. Over the last decade, the Province has made unprecedented investments in infrastructure, supporting mobility and economic growth.
These funds will help build new schools in areas of high growth, improve the condition of existing school facilities and invest in projects to reduce surplus space through school consolidations. About $16 billion will be invested in transit projects in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and about $15 billion will be invested in transportation and other priority infrastructure projects outside the GTHA. The SmartTrack funding proposal entails contributions of about $5.2 billion in new funding from partners, including the City of Toronto and the federal government. This would be over and above the existing gas tax funding to municipalities, with no increase to the current tax rate. The Harris government squandered billions of dollars of future revenue by rashly leasing away the highway, for 99 years, to an international consortium.
But, as reported by the Star’s Martin Regg Cohn, it was subsequently estimated that this holding was actually worth more than $12 billion. The province will set and regulate tolls on this stretch of the highway; it will charge less than the 407 consortium, and resulting revenues will remain in public hands, to be spent for public purposes. Phase One involves building 32 kilometres of toll road, and construction is well underway on a stretch running from Brock Rd. As noted below, heavy single unit and heavy multiple unit commercial vehicles will be charged two or three times passenger rates, depending on commercial vehicle size. It will create opportunities for business, accommodate population and employment growth and provide emergency detour routes for Durham Region.
The initial toll rates have been set by the Government of Ontario for Highways 407 and 412 as part of Phase 1 of this project.
Those with existing 407 ETR transponders would be able to use them on Highways 407 and 412. Consultation with stakeholders is ongoing and the ministry continues to work with Durham Region and local municipalities to assess the impacts of the highway on local roads. There will also be a new 10-kilometre north-south route, just east of Oshawa, connecting the 407 and Highway 401. It fuels gridlock, which saps the economy of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, mainly through missed delivery deadlines and employee lateness. And the environment is sickened, too, as cars idling in stop-and-go traffic pump clouds of greenhouses gases into the atmosphere.
Herb Gray Parkway (the Parkway) will connect Highway 401 to a new Canadian inspection plaza and bridge crossingin west Windsor. It will support existing industry and create new business opportunities in both the Windsor area and the rest of Canada.

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