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Quando si sceglie il proprio nome per l’uso in rete, puo essere una buona idea verificare se e disponibile non solo su due o tre servizi, ma su buona parte delle comunita e social network. La cosa puo valere per il proprio nome, per un nick col quale caratterizzarsi, per il nome di un’azienda o altro. Spesso non basta trovare il nome del dominio (magari con alcuni suffissi internazionali), ma appunto controllare che sia possibile usarlo anche su altri servizi in rete. Il problema e che sono davvero tanti e anche senza verificarli tutti, e davvero scontato che ce ne si dimentica alcuni. Domain Name Service (DNS) is a Naming service that maps IP addresses and fully qualified domain names to one another. Here I have installed and configured cache server using forwarder, forward look-up and reserve look-up. The (.) represent the namespace Root server, there are total 13 root servers globally available.
While the domain registration, our domain registerer will define which authoritative name-server should our domain use.

First, take a look at the my local DNS server information such as static IP address and hostname, which is used to for this article purpose. Next, we update the default repositories and do a system upgrade, before setting-up DNS cache server. If we need to test whether caching works, we can use dig command and check whether the cache working or not.
While we do a reverse look-up using an ip address as shown above, it want to reply with a name as above image shows. Understanding zone file entry in dns, This image will give you a small explanation what we have defined in zone file entry.
Soon you can read about the article how to troubleshoot a DNS server using various tool and fix it. Download all articles in PDF format with our TecMint Content Subscription and Linux Support Services starting at $10 per month.
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Anche se ognuno ha le proprie caratteristiche, il funzionamento e sempre lo stesso: si inserisce il nome desiderato e si ottiene in pochi secondi una verifica ad ampio spettro. To resolve an IP address by reverse lookup (get a computer’s name if you only have its IP address), use this NSLookup tool. Explains how to use reverse nslookup command under UNIX or MS-Windows operating systems to find out an IP address to resolve a hostname or domain name. NSLOOKUP or Reverse DNS (rDNS) is a method of resolving an IP address into a domain name, just as the domain name system (DNS) resolves domain names into associated.

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