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Unfortunately you do not get the names of your visitors, but only small thumbnails of the last visitor appears in the basic membership at Xing. In most cases it is possible to find out who were the last visitors on the own profile without premium membership.
In order to simplify the search procedure, as an exercise for myself and as a feasibility study in general, I have created XiVerse. XiVerse means it is possible in most cases to find out the latest visitors to your own profile without being a premium member.

Whether a visitor can be determined in this case depends on the visibility of its profile, followed XiVerse has no influence. Should it not work out once, so you should not be discouraged and stamp XiVerse as useless, but give XiVerse another chance. I hope you enjoy my “Xing reverse search engine” and would appreciate any feedback!
Who is also there, will certainly know the function that displays the last visitors of one’s own profile.

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