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Here I’m going to tell you one very interesting way to get WhoIS information of any domain or IP address from your desktop. In Linux Shell you can direct get WhoIS information, but to obtain it from DOS you need to install a small EXE from Microsoft’s TechNet Webstie. Hi, Good News, All comment links are dofollow as long as you are making meaningful and related comments. I found "What's the reverse DNS command line utility?" via a search, but this is specifically looking for a *nix utility, not a Windows one. This question should be edited to say that it's not really looking for a DNS-specific solution.
Should resolve the name from the IP address if the reverse lookup zone has been set up properly. It failed because nslookup only cares about DNS, while names in Windows can and will be resolved by other means if DNS isn't enough.

The trouble with "ping" is that it's not strictly a name server lookup tool (like nslookup) - for instance if you ping a hostname, it can be resolved to an IP address by a number of methods: DNS lookup, host file lookup, WINS (god forbid) or NetBIOS broadcast.
Note that nslookup on Linux, BSD, and Windows do different things and are different programs. In order to get a result there has to be a PTR record registered for the IP address in question. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows domain-name-system ip command-line-interface reverse-dns or ask your own question.
You can download this EXE from here. After downloading, extract the EXE file to your System folder. The answers that were rejected provide that answer, but the issue was that you actually needed something that looks up NetBIOS names, not DNS. If the reverse lookup zone does not have an entry for the record, the -a will just ping without a name.

Ping is used to measure network latency, it performs name (or IP) lookups just as a side effect of its main purpose. Ping will resolve DNS & netbios names which makes it a good first tool if you just need something quick. That’s all, now simply type whois followed by any domain name or IP address on your command prompt and get all details.

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