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This will take you to the White Pages People Search and look for information about your contact, including related parties like a spouse.
This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to set-up your Android-based phone to automatically receive your EEdge  Vision Webmail emails.  This will enable you to stay more connected to your prospects and better handle your business “on-the-go”! Note: You will not receive notifications for email received in this folder, but you can respond and your emails will be saved in your EEdge  Vision account. You will still need to login to your EEdge  Vision account nightly to “file” all your emails you have responded to. If you respond to your prospects from Outlook, you will still need to login to your Vision system in order to “File” your emails from prospects.
For all other Outlook versions and mail clients, you will set up your Outlook differently than the Outlook 2007 instructions below.
Here is a list of the fields that are currently used to calculate your Profile Score.  All of these fields can be accessed in the Contact Information Comparison page.

Keller Williams Realty launched a new site today that now has all of the eEdge resources in one central place. Keller Williams eEdge, the industry’s game changing technology initiative is now LIVE and KW has provided a plethora of training resources that our agents can access today and in the future. The support site “Knowledge Base” will continue to be populated with the top FAQs, How-to’s, etc. MAPS will be offering an 8 week group coaching program designed to get agents up, running and IMPLEMENTING eEdge for lead generation, follow up and conversion.  This 8 week course, taught by yours truly begins Wed.
In addition, both Beth Torrence and Michael Tritthart can schedule all day workshops in your office for your agents. Post anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with your clients and colleagues.
Spam people with group emails, event invites that aren’t applicable, and request for apps like Farmville.

Trade dollar productive activities for social marketing until you are generating business from it.
All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. And, when you initiate your eEdge account, the system uses the info from the white pages to poplulate your eEdge account.  Set up your white pages first and you kill two birds with one stone.
If you can’t be who you are, perhaps you should reconsider whether being on social media is right for you. While doing so, please use the server details below to complete your webmail forwarding set-up.

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