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You can use the nslookup command to query the Domain Name System (DNS) server and diagnose different issues with DNS.
Pointer (PTR) records exist in the reverse lookup zone of a DNS console, and Figure 3 shows the reverse lookup zone in the domain. In contrast, the following listing shows the result if an A record doesn’t exist and if a PTR record doesn’t exist. Use ISA Server and Exchange 2000 to control email Content management is a broader concept than antivirus scanning.
It’s also possible to enter the complete nslookup command without entering interactive mode. To prevent us from to much network traffic because of DNS replication, we do not replicate the zone over the complette forest, we replicate only in this domain.
For example, content-management software lets you screen email messages for sexist, racist, or obscene language that violates your company policy. Such software also can alert you when messages or attachments contain proprietary information that you don't want to leave your company. Database search includes cell, residential, business, pager, toll-free, and Unlisted Phone Numbers.
Full reports available for any phone number in the USA and Canada, with some limited international coverage as well. In this article, I look at Exchange 2000 Server's native content-management functionality updates to the Virus Scanning API (VS API) in Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) using the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server to control email Exchange 2000 Methods Exchange 2000 provides some built-in methods for controlling unwanted email—from filtering messages based on content to using reverse DNS lookups to verify senders.
You can use built-in filtering to prevent specific senders from sending email messages to your servers. Note that the ability to use filtering on SMTP senders doesn't exist in the Windows 2000 SMTP service, only in the Exchange 2000 SMTP service. You define filtering globally, but each SMTP virtual server has filtering options for each IP address.
To select the Apply Filter option, open Exchange System Manager (ESM) by clicking Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange, System Manager.
If the Administrative Groups container appears in the left pane, expand it by double-clicking the container or clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the container.
If the Administrative Groups container doesn't exist or you have just expanded it, expand the Servers container in the left pane and expand the container for your server. Click Advanced, and edit any existing IP addresses or add a new address (if the SMTP virtual server listens on additional IP addresses).

On the Filtering tab, which Figure 2, page 8, shows, you can enter the names of senders you want to filter out and choose how you want Exchange to handle the message and notifications.
By default, Exchange sends a nondelivery report (NDR) and moves the message to the \exchsrvr\mailroot\vsi #\drop folder (where vsi# is the name of your virtual server—the default SMTP virtual server is vsi 1). You can also tell Exchange to send copies of the NDR to a location of your choice, which you can specify on the Messages tab in the Properties of the SMTP Virtual Server. Selecting the Accept messages without notifying sender of filtering check box configures the system to not generate an NDR.
The Filter messages with blank sender check box is useful because messages with a blank sender are suspect.
You can archive these messages until you're sure that you aren't filtering out content that you or your users want.
If you archive these messages, be sure to monitor the disk partition that holds the archive in case it fills rapidly, because you must manually remove the old messages.
Whether you use reverse DNS lookup depends on how much you need it and how likely it is to cause a queue of mail on your SMTP gateways. However, if the server has fast drives and plenty of processing power, you can test how useful reverse DNS lookup is for you. Click Advanced, and in the Advanced Delivery dialog box, select the Perform reverse DNS lookup on incoming messages check box. Microsoft designed the VS API to ensure that all attachments in the Exchange Server Information Store (IS) are scanned before a client has access to the message. VS API in SP1 removes the need for this restriction (as long as you use VS API­based antivirus scanning) and adds content-management functionality when you tie it to a third-party VS API-based message scanner. Although you might have been considering ISA for use as a software firewall, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that you can also use the smart-application filter for basic content management. If the filter finds the string, the filter signals an ISA Server event and drops the message or adds a text string to the beginning of the message's subject line and passes the message along either to the intended recipient or to the administrator.
To install the Message Screener component during the initial ISA Server installation, select the Custom Install, then select Add-In Services to see the options that Figure 4 shows. After you install Message Screener (and restart your computer, if this is the initial installation of ISA Server), you can launch the ISA Management console from the Start menu. Launch the ISA Management console by clicking Start, Programs, Microsoft ISA Server, then clicking ISA Management. When the console is running, the top node of the tree is Internet Security and Acceleration Server.

Expand the Servers and Arrays node directly below the top node to find the server you want to configure (the display name is SERVER Array). In the Taskpad view in the right pane, click the Secure Mail Server icon to launch the Mail Server Security Wizard. If the ISA Server is your only SMTP server, you can't run the Message Screener; you must forward the mail to another SMTP server. Click the Extensions node, then double-click the Application filters folder in the right pane.
In this configuration area, you can enable filtering on attachments by filename, extension, or size.
To add filtering keywords, select the Keywords tab, then click Add and type in a word you want to filter on.
Unlike products from other vendors, the SMTP Filter doesn't have an import function to bring in an established list of offensive phrases from a file or vendor Web site. You must manually enter the email address to which you want the messages forwarded; the filter doesn't resolve names from the Global Address List (GAL). If you delete a message because it contains a certain word, the fact that a later keyword match would have forwarded the message to you is irrelevant. To configure the Win2K SMTP service, launch Internet Services Manager (ISM) by clicking Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Internet Services Manager. Double-click the server container, then right-click the Default SMTP Virtual Server and select Properties. Click Add to enter the computer, group of computers, or even the domain that is allowed to relay SMTP mail to this server. On the Delivery tab, click Advanced, and in the Smart host field, type the name of the mail server computer for all outbound messages if you use a single route.
However, I found the example to be a great motivation to start looking at third-party plug-in applications. Companies such as Aladdin Systems, Baltimore Technologies, GFI, and Trend Micro are developing add-ins to allow SMTP filtering at the ISA Server. Microsoft is positioning ISA Server to be your main defense against all types of entry into your network.

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