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There are now over 200 million numbers that are marked as unlisted, unknown or unpublished in other caller identification databases. Cell Phone Registry has added an unlisted reverse mobile phone number search tool to its website online. Parents can search the phone records of a minor child that is on a shared phone plan using this new tool available.
The Cell Phone Registry website was launched in 2009 to provide immediate access to public phone records for online searching.
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This new search feature is making it possible to search millions of phone numbers that are currently unpublished or unlisted in traditional Caller ID systems. This new tool is helping to locate unpublished and unlisted numbers through this new database.

The information that is gathered, sorted and stored inside of the new company database is acquired from private and from public sources. As a lookup tool, the data that is supplied can be used to screen calls that come in to a person's phone.
An assortment of criteria can be used to search for the owner of a number using this new system.
This company has expanded its services and now includes more detailed reports, millions of numbers and an easy to use online interface.
This service is now offered as an alternative to a regular Caller ID system that could be incomplete or have outdated data. A premium plan is now offered that makes it possible to search unlimited records for an entire year.
The preliminary and premium search features that are offered by this company help adults to locate, verify and compare a range of U.S.

A person that receives prank calls or suspicious phone calls could now use the search tool to retrieve phone carrier information, mailing address and first or last name data of a caller. This affordable plan is a cost effective solution to have the protection that these public records can provide. The Cell Phone Registry website offers its online services as an alternative to traditional Caller ID services that can often have incomplete data.

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