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My name is Kevin and I work for a professional People Finder company who specialise in finding your old friends. So you have the desire to find old friends but you don’t necessarily have the methods to find them! If you have filled out some or all of these categories then you’ve made an excellent start! To do a proper search you will need to create an account or you won’t be able to look at all of the full search results for your friend. Even simply typing in your old Friend’s full name into Google could bring you one step closer to getting in touch. If you have a good idea of where your old friend lives, then many local newspapers provide an online bulletin board where you can post your details about the friend you are looking for. This article is designed to give you some free hints and tips on conducting your own searches.
Sometimes it’s as simple as hearing a snippet of a song which reminds them of a special person or they end up wondering, what happened to….? These hints and tips are an excellent way to get started and outline different methods that you can use to get in contact with them.
This could for example include contacting their old place of work or speaking to old mutual friend.

Don’t worry if you haven’t, basically it’s a social networking site where people post details about themselves online and get in contact with old school friends, ex work colleagues, previous neighbours, all sorts of reasons. For example, trying to find John Smith in London will bring back too many results for you to sensibly be able to use. The service is free to browse initially but if you do want some contact details then you will have to pay I am afraid.
Remember the principle of Six Degrees of Separation so you might have more success than you’d banked on. These are not often location specific but there are ones geared to certain characteristics.
This is very common and it is important for you to know that it is perfectly normal to try and trace old friends.
The internet whilst a phenomenally powerful resource can be incredibly confusing, so this guide gives a description of the services available to you for your search describing what, for instance, is meant by the term social networking and how you can use social networking to find old friends.
It’s a concept that you are connected to any particular person in the world through at most six people. Well, it was always my Mother that had the house Christmas Card address list so if I was looking for someone I knew I would always check with her. Often if you type in the name of your friend straight into Google, it may well bring up a Facebook entry.

So for example if your friend was in the Forces, was a nurse or a backpacker then there may well be a site for you to post your search to. Ideally as well as access to the electoral roll you should be looking for companies that have access to systems that will enable them to conduct deeper searches. Some people we work for feel slightly nervous about their attempt to find old friends but the truth is, we do this day in day out for a serious amount of people in the UK, so rest easy you are not alone in your desire to find old friends.
Even some of the more obscure things that you don’t think are immediately relevant might at a later date provide you with an avenue to explore.
If it’s anything like mine, you may well have forgotten that you have written down a person and address that might put you in contact with your friend.
When conducting your search there is the function to select a Region to search which isn’t always immediately apparent when you first log on. Think about the interests that your friend had and then gear your posts and search to that topic. Hobbies and interests are a good example of this, you may be able to re-establish contact through a sports club or a forum dedicated to photography, maybe you could find old friends on websites or directories?.

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