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We received a few tips earlier in the week from our US readers that wanted to know about any good phone number lookup services, and a few of our readers even emailed us asking if we’ve reviewed any good iOS or Android apps for looking up a phone number. Sadly, we didn’t understand until today why there was increased interest in apps and other online services for finding out more information on phone numbers. It seems to be a widespread effort from a Telemarketer from somewhere in Florida, and the company offered a trip of a lifetime. You can block calls within iOS 7 by going to the Phone app and tap the contact you wish to block, then simply click Block this Caller if the number is not withheld. Unwanted telemarketing calls can be both frustrating and annoying, particularly when they interrupt your sleep, dinner, or time with your family or friends. If you’ve ever been annoyed by those telemarketers or other unwanted callers, then you can simply block their phone numbers so that they can not call you again.

Most android phones come with this feature, but the procedure may differ according to the device manufacture and the version of android that you are using. Open the phone app, tap the menu button and navigate to Call settings -> Call rejection -> Auto reject list. If your android phone does not has an built-in call blocking feature and you really want to block calls, then you can use call blocking apps that are available in Google Play store. True caller has built-in facility to block the calls, just mark as spam call n you will never get call from that number anymore.
From my galaxy s3 I go to my recent calls, click on the number,push the menu (left button) key and click on add to reject list. This was certainly the case this week, thanks to thousands of US homes receiving a call from the phone number 321-403-3561.

In a nutshell, the 3214033561 phone number called thousands of homes in the US and some people missed the call and wanted to know who they were thanks to no voice mail being left.
It is worth mentioning that a lot of cell phones were targeted with this Telemarketer as well, and of course some people want to know how to block these calls from their cell phone by performing a reverse phone lookup for unwanted calls.
Here’s I will show you two different ways to block unwanted calls on your Android phone. Number is one of the best call blocking apps that allow you block unwanted calls from any phone numbers.

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