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PHONE APPEND processes use the name and address information (and sometimes other data) you already have to find phone numbers. LINE IDENTIFICATION APPEND tells you valuable information about the phone number that is calling you, or the phone number you are calling.
TELEPHONE NETWORK LOOKUPS help those with permissible purpose get deeper information about a phone number. Here at Finno Gundogs we specialise in breeding and training gundogs and pride ourselves on producing hard hunting, honest, biddable spaniels with plenty of stamina. Located in Austerfield, South Yorkshire, we breed our dogs primarily for working ability, temperament and health but also to be a great family pet who will fit into family life easily.

We also offer a great range of training packages, please see ourtraining page for more details. I have trained gundogs for shooting over, picking up and beating for over 25 years and have gained an HNC in Canine Behaviour & Training. I have also trialled English springer spanials for the last 15 years, having one champion, several winners and a diploma of merit in 2007 AV Championship. At Finno Gundogs, the dogs are trained using waterwork, fences, all types of terrain and crops and there is also a one acre well stocked rabbit pen. However, there are also white page look ups and reverse directories where if you have the number it will.

You can start a FREE search for your DUNS number ( data universal numbering system) without wasting any more. A free reverse phone number lookup is a helpful and convenient way to find out someones name.

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