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Pinning a picture isn’t plagiarism, but using one on your site without accreditation is.
If someone has used one of your images without permission, make the most of the opportunity. There’s quite a number of rugged mobile phones out in Canada already, and here’s a new semi-rugged phone that we may soon see available on Telus; the Motorola VE465.

The exact release date and price are still unknown, but it also looks like it’s headed for an AllTel and Verizon Wireless debut in the US. I recommend using the same image with both search engines to see which one provides you with more results. It looks pretty sleek for a semi-rugged device, but personally, we’re looking for more innovated devices from Motorola than just a rugged mobile phone.

There are television shows who use reverse image search to reveal if people are lying about their identity on online dating programs.

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