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Promaster Countertops has over 30 years experience in the kitchen and bath industry with many satisfied clients throughout the Lower Mainland.
Our professional, experienced and caring crews work out of our Richmond offices and distribution centre, now at 100 - 9500 Van Horne Way. Local, long distance moving, office moves, pianos, electronics, printing equipment, medical equipment, special products and new products for schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and retail are all part of the services that Salmon’s offers. Our web page has grown to include advice pages, packing tips, cube sheets, request for estimates and much, much more. Newer areas of business for Salmon’s Transfer, includes movie sets and staging, moving and storage for the restoration businesses for both homes and commercial sites, estate moves and interior design pack out and storage.

June, 2000 – Your firm moved all my worldly possessions from White Rock to Richmond on June 22, 2000. A special note of thanks for making a rather unpleasant event into a hassle-free happening. We are a family owned and operated business and are committed to treating our clients like they are part of that same family.
Throughout the entire process our clients deal only with us, making each job personal and headache free. Even though the moveables were of no great value, they were so helpful about finding the right spot to place everything.

You can trust us to address every aspect of your project from start to finish, including the removal and disposal of your old countertops, all plumbing and electrical work, any cabinet modifications required, sinks, faucets and tile. Promaster Countertops assumes responsibility for a perfect fit by carrying out the work in a highly professional and timely manner. Countertop replacements are generally carried out within one working day with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your family's life.

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