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If you are receiving abusive or unsolicited calls there are a number of options available to prevent the intrusion.
To prevent nuisance Telemarketing calls you can register your details at the National Do Not Call List. For more information on reporting fraud you can visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s website. Are you tired of receiving nuisance phone calls from telemarketers, pranksters, or even abusive callers? This allows a User to block any phone number they do not wish to receive incoming calls from. This allows the User to control who can make incoming calls to their phone as well as assigning different levels of privacy.

In serious cases you should also report it to the relevant authorities to prevent the spread of such activity. You can register your Residential, Wireless (Cell), Fax, and VoIP numbers on this website. You can also file a complaint about a particular Telemarketing Call through this site. If you receive a suspicious call requesting you to provide personal details over the phone hang up immediately and contact the Police Service of Jurisdiction in your area. This was set up by the Government of Canada to help trace the source of attempted scams before they become more widespread. In this article we look at the various options available to you to prevent these unwanted intrusions into your life. It also offers additional options for all of the phones that a User may have on their account.

There are two stages to this process: Adding a number to the Unwanted Caller list and then Blocking Unwanted Callers. You will be required to submit your own phone number (where the call was received), the name or phone number of the telemarketer, and the date you received the call.
This gives more control over how and when they are used by employees, partners, or family members. Usage rules can be set up online and include parameters such as time of day, the day of the week, specific dates, set area codes, and the dialing of specific numbers only.

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