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Rogers One Number allows users to make free long distance calls from their computers and iOS.
According to a document being handed out to customers (via MobileSyrup), Rogers will cancel the One Number telephone add-on on April 15, due to “limited customer demand” for the service.
The memo asks customers to download the free Rogers One Number mobile apps to use instead, such as the iOS app which was released last November. One Number’s web app (along with its terrible plugin) and mobile apps probably have plenty of users because it’s free.
Does anyone know of fido will cancel their home phone add on which is basically the same thing?
2.) Once programmed and working, there is no reason to use your cell phone, thus they are not making any money on long distance services. Rogers has released the Rogers One Number Smart Phone iPhone app, which quietly hit the App Store back in mid-October. With the Rogers One Number app for your iPhone, you can talk, text and video chat with family and friends using your existing Rogers wireless number. We previously covered the beta of Rogers One Number back in December of 2011, which was officially announced in February of 2012. The service originally was setup to make and receive free calls from a computer, but now you can do so from your iPhone, which will come in handy when you’re traveling. The Rogers One Number iOS app so far has 15 reviews in the App Store, with an average rating of 5 stars. That Rogers CSR guy was definitely confused and probably didn’t know about the new app. The new app will definitely let you make calls, although I haven’t had the chance to test it yet.
The Rogers One Number phone add-on service and telephone adapter lets you extend your wireless number to a regular phone – so you can make unlimited Canada-wide VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Rogers One Number add-on service lets you make and take calls without eating up any wireless minutes. Once you’ve signed up for the Rogers One Number add-on service and received the telephone adapter, you’re ready to go. What I really, really want is Call Display on my computer screen in the same fashion I have it on my TV screen. Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. It also ends with an apology for One Number telephone add-on customers for the inconvenience caused. And what little information was provided on their website was very difficult to find, and mostly left you with more questions. But it was basically preventing Rogers from making money off extraordinary long distance charges. I called in and asked why my Rogers adapter wasn’t working and they said to exchange it at the store.
Also, if your Rogers network coverage is poor in your local area, One Number users will be able to receive calls over Wi-Fi so you won’t miss calls.
Recently, the Google Hangouts iOS app was updated to allow for free calls to Canada and the USA. I loaded the app on my iPhone hoping I could use my Wifi and internet at home to make free long distance calls (as suggested above).
With the Rogers One Number™ phone add-on service and telephone adapter, both your smartphone and the phone you have plugged into the adapter (corded or cordless) will ring at the same time; which phone you choose to answer is up to you. Except for the fact that often sms messages, sent and received, show up repeatedly quite often. I looked into it for my Mom so she could dump her landline, but was left with the impression that it wasn’t a priority for Rogers and could me abandoned at any time.

But I kept seeing conflicting information on Rogers web pages so I called and they stated that I would be charged airtime minutes and long distance if I called from my iPhone. If you take the call on your home phone, you will be connected to the caller via your internet connection, and therefore the call will not consume wireless minutes.
It’s the perfect thing for students away at school, or for those that travel frequently, or even just those of us who prefer talking calls on a regular, home-phone receiver. Had to make it not be always connected or I’d get constant push notifications of new messages- the same ones over and over again. It made people ask why they should pay roaming costs when internet usage is basically free everywhere in the world.
Likewise, if you want to make a Canada-based long-distance call, you won’t be charged for long distance because you’re calling through your internet connection, not your wireless plan.
So long as you’ve got the telephone adapter with you plus an internet connection, you can immediately plug it in and make calls using any connected receiver. Call contacts from your mobile address book and sync your mobile contacts to Rogers One Number. And voila: I was able to make a long-distance call, so it had to be over the wifi and internet.
No jacks, no wiring, no worrying about wireless minutes and you can take it wherever you go.

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