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That much is apparent from 2011 census statistics that show 51.6 per cent of Steel City residents between the ages of 20 and 29 are still living with their parents, though the reasons may not be so obvious. The stats were illustrated in an infographic posted on Monday by Monika Warzecha at Buzz Buzz Home that ranked Canadian cities based on the percentage of people in that age group who still live in the family home. Anthony had already invested twelve years in his organization when we met him, and he was looking at spending another ten years waiting for a plum job to open up. As Russia was descending into financial crisis, some of its most influential oil and stocks traders gathered at the exclusive River Club in central Moscow at the invitation of state lender Sberbank.
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But for brainwashed Americans this is unbelievable, they think this tank has been penetrated by Alien weapon. Find it easier to believe documentation utilising sources both western and former Warsaw Pact for a piece of software also used by modern militaries for gunnery training and platoon to battalion level armour and mechanised infantry tactics instruction and practice.
Paul Lakowski (the guy who wrote that paper) had no explanation on how a plain vanilla RPG7 was able to penetrate the 22cm of line of sight side turret armor of a m1a2sep that it was supposed to offer 540mm of protection against HEAT ammo. One in a thousand incidents like that hardly impact morale, especially in the face of countless other instances of tanks like the Abrams and the Challenger enduring hellish amounts of punishment (both use 3rd generation Chobham composite armour and DU inserts).
The next global spanning war will be fought with nukes, biological weapons, and other weapons we have yet to see, some of which may be arguably worse than nukes. More and more though it looks like that war is coming as the 'leaders' of this world are mostly made up of bought and paid for lunatics who are constantly beating the war drums. Several analysts claim stealth aircraft such as the ATF will be vulnerable to detection by infrared search and track systems (IRST). Actually, the Chinese Air Force is a more formidable opponent these days due to being able to field AESA radars, being at the top of the game in avionics, and the PL-12 ARH missile (said to be at least as capable as the AIM-120B).
On the subject of engines I thought the old Commie principle was that the plane had a one day combat life in a conventional shooting war. That said, the Chinese have managed to field very competent aircraft designs of their own design, such as the supermanueverable J-10, and their stealth "fighter" the J-20 is a fairly novel design. While the Russians have been clawing back their old Soviet military glory and the Chinese are catching up with the West at a pretty rapid pace, by most reasonable estimates North Korea is laughably under-equipped. The latest tanks the North Koreans received were T-62s, again lacking things like stabilisation and laser rangefinders.
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Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Rear half of the side is not covered with ERA bricks, as well as a spot on the top of the turret to make way for the infra-red searchlight for the T-80U and forward.
Be warned, it makes for incredibly dry reading, such that even a semi-hardcore simmer like myself glosses over a lot of it, especially the maths part (major in studio art). Even in the event of penetrating hits, the Abrams enjoys outstanding crew protection due to the fact that the ammunition is stowed in a separate compartment of the turret and also boasts a sophisticated fire suppression system. It will also be fought conventionally, and manpower will take a much larger role than many would think. And of course the economy is collapsing almost everywhere, currency wars are already underway, and trade wars are on the horizon.
For the former, the external airframe and and flight handling characteristics were fairly easy for them to copy, they simply put in their own indigenously made avionics, radar, and other electronic guts into it.
While the Russians did have some great Cold War tank designs (the T-80 was actually better than what many western analysts at the time had given the Soviets credit for, and older designs like the T-64 found a new lease on life with upgrades), they typically exported downgraded versions to other Warsaw Pact and Soviet client states. This model was christened the "Chonma-ho" (no doubt North Korean propaganda claims this to be a a completely original design). We will also not be held responsible if the mobile phone does not work with the network coverage for your mobile phone service provider;3. Coax ports, driver's hatch, and the turret ring are the traditional weak points of a tank, and tanks using ERA are no exception. But this means certain death for tank crew in real battle, it's have bad influence to morale. While it isn't an "invincible tank" (not that anyone was claiming otherwise), its fearsome reputation is quite well-deserved. Unlike past major wars it will have few determined lines, meaning you will be unsafe almost anywhere.
All of which historically leads to hot and heavy warfare on a scale the world hasn't seen in well over a half century. The faster and aircraft flies, the warmer it gets, and thus, the easier to detect through infrared means. The exercise showed the blue team higher in number of aircraft is double inferior when hundreds of Blue Forces aircraft were lost in the first 20 minutes downed by the Red Forces., on the other hand only 12 aircraft was downed in the Red Team. I should also clarify by what I mean by "lack of reliable engines" The engines part is a bit of a problem for the J-11 because that part wasn't as easy for them to copy from the Su-27 (and now the Russians know better not to sell them more stuff to copy, so the Chinese must either pay exorbitant costs for the actual engines, or make do with the ones they have). These versions, called "Monkey Models" usually lacked some of the modern bells and whistles enjoyed by what the Soviet army uses, like composite armour (virtually every exported T-72 uses cast steel instead of composite armour), turret stabilisation, and fire control systems (Soviet client states had to make do with obsolete coincidence rangefinders).
Though North Korea notoriously holds its cards close to its chest, we can make several educated guesses based on experiences the US, Israel, and western proxies had against "Monkey model" equipment used by former Soviet client states like Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The visit to the Air Koryo office in Moscow (Russia) will prove my statement twice. I had a chance to fly with Air Koryo during my trip to the Northern Korea. Because this specification of own and enemy weapon is "corrected" - own weapon are strengthened, enemy weapon are weakened .
The sources of some of the nukes as well as other very ugly attacks on large civilian populations will be both indeterminable in some cases and false flagged in others.

To bear in mind – this company is annually included into the European Community black-list. You will find a wide range of cell phone signal booster for office and get the best service at the best price. And as time goes on they will become moreso if the trends of the last few decades continue as the west is pissing away it's industrial base (a crucial factor in a war).
Those that could potentially do it, won't though as it will start a war that ultimately almost no one will win.
Nowadays it’s one the three regular flights of the Northern Korean airlines (along with the flights to Beijing and Shenyang). The price of the ticket for the one-and-a-bit hour flight was comparable to the discount price for the flight from St.
Petersburg to Vladivostok (Russian airports, first in the west, second in the east of the country). I haven’t seen the tickets themselves but suppose they were e-tickets. We flew to Pyongyang onboard TU-154B constructed in May, 1976 at the Samara aircraft factory “Aviacor”. It seems to be the oldest Tu-154 aircraft still in the air (the first regular flight of TU-154 was committed in 1972 and TU-154B in 1975). In approx two hours before checking in the group of Northern Koreans arrived to the airport.
It was impossible to mistake them for somebody else because of their distinctive appearance – serious, fit and neat, each of them was wearing a badge with Kim Ir Sen. It included boxes, bundles and even a cage with the dog. At checking in I asked the seat in the tail of the aircraft. It appeared to be that nominally there were 28 rows in the cabin and practically only 15 rows were available. All the space in the tail has been loaded with the tremendous luggage with the narrow way to the toilets left. We took off almost in time. While we were reading the life description of the Great Leader and filling in the three blanks for entering the country the plane began to descend and landed in Pyongyang (the Sunan airport). By the way, the entrance forms were translated into Russian but with numerous mistakes.
In one of the forms we had to list all the communication facilities possessed (including cell-phones).Moving to the terminal in Pyongyang we were amazed by the number of people wearing unpretentious grey military uniform.
Surely we were met by the portrait of the Sunlike Leader. Having come down by the ramp I noticed another ramp next door. Having passed it we met our guides (a man and a woman in particular clothes) who immediately took away our cell-phones, put them into the canvas sack, sealed and left for storage in the airport. There was no sense to hide the phone and try to keep it because it was out of the coverage, and there was no coverage at all. But the experts doubted the authenticity of the brands. The flight from Pyongyang to Vladivostok was carried out by TU-204, the newest aircraft with Air Koryo.
There were some kinds of entertainment onboard – we were shown the reel about the airlines history and some cartoons in Korean, but there were no earphones.

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