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Setting your Club will show you Product availability and pick up options while you are shopping. When offroad in my Jeep I am the only person that can call, text or search Google when no one has enough signal to accomplish anything.
The reason we bought the Wilson was because our Hughes Net satellite service is not good at all. Mounted mine on my house TV antenna and the internal next to the easy chair in the living room.

We are out of the country for a couple weeks this month, so we're using a lot the Hughes bandwidth as we cannot take that with us. So, the way to extend our bandwidth is to attach the iPhone to the wilson and turn on 'personal hotspot' in the settings and buy an upgrade plan with ATT.
I have had Hughes Net now for over a year, with no problems, other than it being very pricey.
If you use the booster in the city with a strong signal environment it might slow down your data.

During peak hours, like when the ski bums are going back to San Franciso, the service slows way down.

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