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In the past when searching for an app like Facebook you would have to scroll though several apps before finding the official one. We can instantly fetch this stuff for you if it’s in your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google+, or Google Drive. We’ve already been over why this is quicker than searching through your phone, but this is beneficial even on the desktop.
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It has been a real pain to find official apps a midst the dozens of clones, or trying to find a lesser-known app by typing in the exact name. This was obviously very annoying, and it made Windows Phone’s app problem look even worse.
Either Microsoft updated the search algorithm or they are just curating results for popular search terms. My Answers saves me from me having to click on a website I think I want, scanning the page, or multiple pages, for the right phone number. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need.

The search algorithm has been needing an update for a long time, and it appears Microsoft may finally be doing it. Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar.

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