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For example, if you want to receive an automatic configuration settings for a Nokia 6300, You will text Internet Nokia 6300 as SMS to 232. To Get a Working Level, search “Bubble Level” On Google in your Android phone!!! When there is a need to hang a picture on the wall, just use your Android phone to get the level measure. Notably, users are reporting the feature works with some other mobile Web browsers, such as Xiaomi’s proprietary offering for its smartphones. If you have a mobile device on an Airtel network, you may want to configure it for internet and data capabilities. It’s a handy feature, but do note that a digital representation of a bubble level might not be very correctly calibrated at all times.

Go for 2G unlimited connectivity for 2 months free subscription.I accepted the 2nd option, hence he has converted my Connectivity speed to 2G. Usually, once you insert your Airtel sim card into your mobile device, the settings are sent to you immediately and you would be required to save it in your phone and this sorts you out.
However, some mobile phones may not be able to receive these settings and would have to be manually configured to be able to access internet data.
Hence I continued to use that 2G connectivity thought of that has been accepted.Then I got a bill for Rs. Although I explained every concern to those person but no one has came back (although promised to get back to me later) with proper conclusion. But they never accepting that they have not responded to my mails, which I sent to get a confirmation on this.

Thanks!!!Airtel Presence & Nadal Officers are telling that the Bill levied is proper as per the Bill Plan. But as per the commitment from Airtel Tech Executive, that Bill Plan was suppose to be changed. But I have not got any intimation that it was not changed, even I have sent a mail to get a confirmation abt the free Bill Plan to 121.

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