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We provide a comprehensive database of telephone numbers that connect callers through to the customer services department at the company they wish to speak with.
All of the numbers listed in this directory are direct connections so that customers can receive the assistance that they require, without wasting time or money.
Unlike other directory enquiries services, and often the companies themselves, Contact Telephone Numbers offers phone numbers that are charged at the basic rate. To find the number that you need, type the company name into the search box at the top of every and the direct dial number for that company will be displayed.
However please note that we are not affiliated or by any means associated with any of these companies or organisations whose numbers we provide, and that the information may possibly be found for free elsewhere within the public domain.
Call the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4 567 to speak to one of their highly trained representatives about a financial or banking issue. Call DFS on 01302 330365 to enquire about orders, delivery, financing or to make a complaint.
Call the friendly Customer Services team at Debenhams on 0344 561 6161 to enquire about goods and services, or to make a complaint. Sky Broadband and Talk –Superfast Totally Unlimited Sky Broadband, Phone Line Rental and Call Plans . Sky works with a simple method, to ensure that the best quality service is delivered every time.
Sky is forever trying to provide perfect broadband deals to suit every need, whether you live alone, in a busy household or simply just like to surf the internet a lot.
Sky Fibre Optic Broadband is reliable, fast and lucrative so if you think you match the criterias above don’t hesitate to read on! Fibre Optic Broadband features unlimited internet browsing and downloading without any monthly usage cap whatsoever.
If safety for children is an important element in your home then Sky gives you free downloadable Parental Controls on up to 3 different PCs at home. This hot new feature allows you to get online for no extra cost on your package deal, even when you’re out and about.
Communicating is vital in our day and age and although new technologies are important, so is a good old chit-chat. There are three options available that Sky offers, all teamed with excellent customer services and support.
With Sky Talk Anytime you can even add-on some extra call features to ensure that your package suits you.
Welcome to our mobile phone section where you can choose the best phone for you according to your needs and taste.

We offer Cellular phone service on the largest and best quality networks in the country, All of our plans are on a prepaid basis without the need of contracts or credit checks.
We have a good selection of modern, attractive and economical cellular handsets to choose from to go with your unlimited monthly plan. When you sign for either our Cellular Services or International Long Distance service you can also have access to our International Top Up service where you can send balance to prepaid phones in most countries around the world.
As a member of our Nuera Wireles Family, you have access to two of the most sought after medical services in the market today: The USMedcard Doctor by phone service and the USMedCard Discount card. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This can be found on each company’s allocated page and the same charge applies to all numbers.
As our database of contact phone numbers is increasing with the number of brands we feature, we are constantly monitoring to make sure that the information we provide is up to date. For terms and conditions, visit our terms and conditions page or alternatively the privacy policy and refund policy page. Sky Broadband Unlimited is perfect for busy households that like to all use the internet at the same time.
This option is absolutely free when you take up a Sky TV package with Sky Talk and Sky Line Rental.
Fibre optic broadband from is available for customers that are within Sky’s fibre broadband network area.
With Sky’s fibre broadband deal you will receive inclusive and unlimited internet when you’re out and about with each of the Wi-Fi hotspots from The Cloud. Having line rental is vital to making a house and home; it allows you to interact with the outside world at the heart of your home. It costs a flat rate of just ?17.40 a month, much cheaper than BT’s standard monthly price and with this you will receive a landline.
You can even call abroad as Sky Talk Anytime gives you unlimited geographic landline calls to 20 popular international destinations.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Therefore whether you need to call a company about your gas bill and the next minute to get car insurance, you know you can call the numbers with confidence.
Bill payers must be 18 years and over and have the bill payers permission before making the call. They provide bundles and package deals that are tailored to each individual need, which is why they are a leading telecoms and media provider.

At the moment Sky offers three broadband options, all at a great value and with reliable service. With this package deal you can expect to receive totally unlimited usage, so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your monthly usage policy or slow speeds. This means Sky is ideal for people who download large files, have many people using the internet at the same time in one household or for someone who does a lot of HD steaming or high responsive online gaming. With no usage caps it’s utterly ideal for On Demand TV, and Sky promises they won’t ever slow your broadband speeds down at peak times – even at the busiest of times! If you are an existing Sky customer and have Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre Unlimited you are now entitled to new Wi-Fi Hotspots from The Cloud.
There are tons of hotspots at popular high street locations and the easy-to-use Sky Cloud Wi-Fi app makes getting online easier than it has ever been. You can also connect and browse without any usage cap, so you can use Wi-Fi for as long as you require without being cut of or your speeds rapidly slowing down. The great thing about Sky Line Rental is that all your home phone bills are rolled into one simple monthly bill, so you’ll never get confused and end up overspending again. And, if there are ever any problems you will have access to Sky contact centres for no extra fee, 24 hours a day, everyday.
This deal includes the new Sky Hub that on its own is worth ?69 and you will be entitled to inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines with Sky Talk Weekends. Once you have gone through the signing-up process your device will routinely connect you to the closest Cloud Wi-Fi Hotspot, so long as you’re in range with one of them. Plus, you can even register up to 6 different wireless enabled devices, so your whole family can get online for no extra billing! There are tons of optional free extras that Sky customers can request with this deal including Voicemail, Caller Display, 141 Number Withhold and Automatic Number Withold. If you are unsure whether you are in range you can then log onto Sky’s handy hotspot finder. If you haven’t currently got a phone line, Sky can install one for you, so there really is nothing stopping you! Ask about our unlimited services and if you sign up today, you can qualify for promotions and discounts. You will be provided with inclusive and unlimited internet access out and about with all the Wi-Fi Hotspots from The Cloud.

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