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As a result, seniors seeking information and help from the agency are facing increasingly long waits, in person and on the phone, the report said. Social Security has closed 64 field offices since 2010, the largest number of closures in a five-year period in the agency’s history, the bipartisan staff of the Senate Aging Committee said in its report. The report questions the agency’s criteria for choosing which offices to close, saying the impact on local communities is rarely taken into account. The committee was holding a hearing on the report Wednesday, and a Social Security official was scheduled to testify.
The closings come as applications for both retirement and disability benefits soar, a trend that will continue as aging baby boomers approach retirement.
More than 47 million people receive Social Security retirement benefits, nearly a 20 percent increase from a decade ago.
But the committee report notes that many older Americans lack access to the Internet, or might not be comfortable using it to apply for benefits.
Last year, more than 43 million people visited Social Security field offices, the report said.
People can get information about Social Security, Medicare and Supplemental Security Income at the field offices. Visitors can also get documents verifying their benefits or Social Security numbers, though these services are scheduled to be eliminated at field offices later this year. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription.

Social Security cards are used for various identification purposes including tax identification.
If you are employed by the university, you must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) office in order to receive payment. 11, 2013, file photo shows the Social Security Administration's main campus in Woodlawn, Md. In addition, the agency has closed 533 temporary mobile offices that often serve remote areas.
About 11 million people receive Social Security disability benefits, a 38 percent increase from a decade ago. The agency has upgraded its website in recent years, including secure connections to access confidential information and apply for benefits. About 43 percent of those seeking an appointment had to wait more than three weeks, up from just 10 percent the year before, the report said.
This year, the agency projects that 14 percent of callers to a toll-free help line will get a busy signal. People sometimes need the information quickly to apply for jobs or to verify income when applying for other government benefits, the report said. Congress and all these fine conservative "Law makers" draw up a budget which includes spending by SSA and they have reduced it. A new congressional report says the Social Security Administration has been closing a record number of field offices, even as millions of baby boomers approach retirement.

Complain to your friends who think social security is a socialistic program and instead we have increases in military spending so these fine military hardware producers can have overruns and spend at the heart desire and of course they recompense these "law makers" when they run for office.
Yes we should not be spending money producing useless F35's just bec its in some republican politicans district. As a result, seniors seeking information and help from the agency are facing increasingly long waits _ in person and on the phone. However, socail security spending both on administartive costs and benefits must be cut as well. And I don't buy that seniors can't get internet access.By the way the AARP is quite an influtenial lobbyist for seniors. In fact I am willing to bet that they are making all the noise now.As a side note our real budget problems are that every poltican is beholden to their own lobby group or else they wouldn't be in office. So both republicans and democrates are not willing to cut when it intefers with their lobbyists.

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