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Sprint hasn't said anything about John Legere's assertion that T-Mobile is now the larger of the two carriers, but it is rolling out a new plan apparently intended to slow Tmo's progress.
As you can see above, Sprint's base price is lower than T-Mobile's but you only get that if you're switching carriers. Sprint's plan is good through March of next year, but T-Mobile's deal is currently slated to end at the beginning of 2016. I don't get how Sprint thinks these are deals when they have the outrageous "device fees" T-mobile has no such fees. Sprint introduces new shared data plans that offer double the high-speed data at the same or lower price as compared to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Soon you will need to have PhD in cell service to understand all the plans on all carriers.

The new plan is actually just a limited time offer in Sprint's existing Family Share Pack tiers.
Current Sprint customers still have the line access fee on top of the $90 plan cost, but that price is good for any number of lines from three to ten.
When the Sprint deal is over, customers will have to start paying the line access fee again. AT&T and Verizon charge $40 line access for a contract, and $15 if you do a payment plan. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
They are literally taking a page out of T-mobile's playbook offering crazy deals that they know will get people to jump on board.

They also have added speed tests and streaming music do not count against the high speed data allowance when using the apps they require for the freebie. For $90 per month you can (sort of) get 12GB of data to share across 10 lines with unlimited SMS and voice. What I like about these shake ups is it helps the consumers across the board as it entices competitors to lower their prices as well. The line access price has gone down to $15 per phone for current customers, but that will still add up.

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