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Industry analysts say Sprint was crazy to give Apple so much cash, potentially a fatal error. Adding to the company's financial woes, its shortfall comes at a time when the industry is looking to make the transition to 4G. This double trouble for America's third largest carrier greatly raises the risk level, according to analysts.
Sprint says in the best case it may generate a $100M USD free cash flow for 2011 (worst case it would have a negative cash flow of $200M USD), and that it would have a positive cash flow for 2012.
The network added 1.3 million subscribers in Q3 2011, but lost just a bit more than that, yielding a net decline of 44,000 customers.
However, investors have grown concerned recently that bankruptcy risk from ClearWire could lead to Sprint bailing on the relationship. Risking so much money in a deal that wont payoff until 2015 takes alot of guts considering how fast the smartphone industry changes. I have an android phone, on Metro, & currently own nothing by Apple, but someone explain to me if Apple makes the Iphone, why Sprint would have to borrow money for the platform? Because Sprint idiotically signed a purchase agreement with Apple to buy the iPhone, and buy a LOT of them.If (and that's a big if), they get customers to buy all those phones, especially if they are new customers, then they might be OK.
What will likely happen is that if they can't, Sprint will declare bankruptcy absolving itself of its obligations to Apple. You do realize that they're trying to keep from going out of business, which they were on a fast track to doing?
Sprint will be launching a 3G femtocell, a mini cell phone tower like device that helps you get a better voice and data signal in your home or office.
A release date for the new femtocell is unknown, but expected very soon considering the FCC filing.

Airave, their $100 femtocell device made by Samsung, has been available nationwide since August 2008. Femtocells could help numerous customers with coverage issues when it comes to phone calls, but most require an additional monthly fee of $5-$20 per month.
Its usefulness is less obvious when it comes to data transfer, since most customers who own broadband lines already use the much-faster Wi-Fi at home.
In order to have an effective article showing negative points, there needs to be more clarity by showing what can happen if thing's go wrong and what can happen if they go right, so in other words, the risks need to be weighed properly. It may cost the same $100 as the current product, and is also likely to carry a $5 monthly fee. You connect the router-like device to your existing broadband landline service (cable or fiber) and it provides better indoor coverage for your phone.
In addition, vendors such as Ubiquisys recently announced that the wholesale price of a femtocell has dropped to below $100.
But late in the day shares plunged back downwards after the company revealed how much debt it plans to take on. This is a purely negative article, when really, it's not really going to have that much of a negative impact on Sprint.They are making huge risks, but they are absolutely necessary.
When users make calls connected to the Airave, however, the time spent won't count towards plan minutes. Verizon’s solution, the $250 Wireless Network Expander, uses the same network as is only 2G as well. Also, I highly doubt they will go bankrupt and that will be the end of them.They are making huge, yes, but very necessary risks. If they really do have 277 million people covered by the end of 2013 with LTE-Advanced, that will be extremely competitive with Verizon, who themselves should have about the same amount of coverage and Sprint will likely offer it for a cheaper price.

Most companies just continue with the status quo.They have a pretty good Android lineup already.
If they didn't get the phone now and launch 4g Lte or network vision, they would be significantly out performed by the other carriers.
What's not mentioned here is how well off Sprint will be and a good position it will beown 5 years to adapt to new technology with network vision or the fact that they will most likely have the most affordable Lte advanced nationwide network yet.
At this point, Sprint will have a massive amount of coverage and will offer a very competitive product, positioning themselves as one of the beter carriers. That, coupled with their customer service improvements will be huge and could offer significant gains for the company. Not only that, it will bring higher customer satisfaction and retention as they continue to grow and add subs.
They also have very large partnerships being created with Lightsquared and Clearwire that will ensure multiple different products for good prices. Plus, the iPhone is recognized worldwide as being a very tofu table device for carriers, we already saw this when sprint broke sales records by mid day on launch.I honestly think Sprint is finally making the right choices that will set them up to be extremely competitive in the future and I think these risks will be beneficial.
It's just a bad economic climate right now and these are made to look like a bigger deal by the media then they really are.

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