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What if I told you, that you could get your cell phone bill down to $14.78 each month – with unlimited talk & text + a generous data allowance? Not to mention, you’d have access to all the data you’d want, and you’d get reimbursed for the data that you didn’t use?
But before we cut ties with Verizon and signed up with Republic Wireless, we crunched numbers and did the math to see if switching saved us any money.
So here are the numbers we came up with, laid out for you too, in case you’ve been curious about Republic Wireless and wondering if switching would save you anything too.
Right off the bat, you can see that by switching to Republic, we got more for our money and weren’t signed into a contract. This means we will save $840 over the course of 12 months, and $1,680 over the course of a typical 2-year contract.
But we recently had a reader comment on our Facebook page that Verizon changed their plan structure and eliminated the 2 year contract and added more flexible packages (because people don’t like contracts). The new plan they offer is called the Verizon Plan.
Please keep in mind, that Republic Wireless offers a much cheaper phone for $129 and certified pre-owned phones for as low as $69.
Long term costs: Over a 24 month period, Verizon is still $1,240 more expensive, with their newer, more competitive plan.
Republic REFUNDS you for data you don’t use, which means that your monthly savings could be that much greater. In their research, Republic Wireless found that the average phone bill is only $14.82 when unused data is refunded.
In my opinion, Verizon and most other large carriers are like an ATM with fees attached for every single transaction.
Note: We did not price compare ATT for this review, but we’d assume that their prices are in line with Verizon, based on past experience.
We love Republic, but there are two drawbacks we’d like to point out so that you can make an informed decision.
If you operate in an area without wifi and require a lot of data, this plan may not be for you. We’re comfortable using open wifi for anything non-sensitive, which is 99% of what we use the wifi on our phones for, but if this is a concern of yours, we recommend to contact Republic Wireless directly so they can discuss it with you.
If you do make the switch to Republic Wireless, please be aware that they do occasionally have kinks that need to be worked out – especially since this is new, hybrid technology.

So far, the only negative experience I had was a 1-2 day window where I wasn’t receiving every phone call live; instead, they were rolling to voicemail.
If you’re starting from scratch, you save right off the bat by choosing Republic Wireless from the start. I’m curious – What do you spend each month on cell phone service and for how many phones? Now we’ll turn to the really interesting – and unique – element of the Zeal, its design.  At first glance, the Samsung Zeal looks like virtually every other flip phone on the market. One unfortunate holdover from previous models is Samsung’s continued reliance on their proprietary charging socket rather than opting for the virtually standard Micro-USB jack that’s been adopted by most everyone else (including Samsung on all of its Galaxy S and Windows Phone 7 devices). Though some might find the layout in portrait mode a bit cramped, we found the design useful and attractive. Close the Zeal shut and flip it open horizontally and you’ll see find the dial pad numbers and other phone related buttons ‘magically’ transform into a four-row QWERTY keyboard. While the keyboards flexibility may attract the most attention, the Zeal’s long list of features deserves just as much consideration. All in all, Samsung has gone a long way toward delivering a smartly packaged and highly capable messaging phone that not only works especially well as a phone and messaging device, but offers users a completely new and innovative design.  The fact that its trick flipping design and magic e-ink will make even the most jaded ‘techie’ sit up a take a look is just an added bonus. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. MetroPCS is a no-contract cell phone provider originally based in Dallas, TX that merged with T-Mobile a couple of years ago. You may have heard about what Grand Rapids, Michigan did when they were called a a€?dying citya€? in a Newsweek article. The $50 4G plan mirrors the regular $50 plan but with a 1 GB monthly streaming access limit. The $60 4G plan is the same as the $55 plan but with unlimited multimedia streaming on the high-speed network.
Revol is hooked into a national network, but, judging by their store locations, wants to be the main cell phone provider in Ohio. After being long time Verizon customers, we finally made the switch to a different carrier because we were flat out tired of the too-good-to-be-true deals and 2 year contracts.
We’ve had quite a few inquiries on how we like it so far and just like all products and services we recommend, we’re going to give you the good and the bad.

In our opinion, this should be expected from a growing, smaller company (and we love that they put this in their mission statement). During that same time frame a notification appeared on my phone that said I needed to update the Republic App. Once you hit the break even point though, you’re saving a minimum of 50% every month. We love Republic (and the lower phone bill!) and haven’t looked back since the switch!
By making a purchase through those links, I will earn commission that helps to keep the lights on in the Crumbs house – with no additional cost to you. Since their merger they have expanded to outlying areas - for example the picture below is from a suburb in Northern Virginia. If you invest $600 into a few new phones and don’t like them, get your money back with the 30 day money back guarantee. Featuring an innovative and seemingly robust double hinge allows users the best of both worlds… a compact phone that includes a usable multi-function keyboard. As with the default settings imagery, getting used to the layout did take a bit of getting used to since the soft keys are quite a distance from the bottom of the display and don’t sit easily under the commands on the screen. MetroPCS was the only national company (and the only cell phone company) to be a Platinum sponsor. And while having of three keyboards does mean a lot of switching back and forth, it soon became second nature. The main exception to this offer is that you can't switch from the company that owns them, namely T-Mobile.
Mobile e-mail, (available at $5 per month) access to AOL, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and others are easy to set-up, and a $9.99-per-month subscription gets you Microsoft Exchange e-mail support via the RemoSync app.
Mobile Web mail, however, is free. Like all Verizon phones, the Samsung Zeal comes with preloaded apps, such as VZ Navigator.

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