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Please welcome the new mid range phone coming to T-Mobile, the new Prism II aka Huawei U8686.
T-Mobile will launch a new mid range phone, the new Huawei Summit, a new variant and improve phone compared with the T-Mobile Comet. Back in March, thanks to Pocketnow, we got the first pictures of the new myTouch Series phone , this time made by Huawei.
As we expected, T-Mobile just announced a new Huawei phone, the T-Mobile Prism 3G aka Sonic.
Some leaked information indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S II (t-mobile flavor) will receive ICS officially this May 14th. Rumors about a mid level phone from Huawei Sonic coming to T-Mobile started back in July 2011. The two Huawei myTouch devices, the U8680 and the U8730, both of which share similar hardware and will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and with the main exception being that one will feature a slideout QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath its 480?800 WVGA display. Rumors started back in July when we reported the new Samsung T859, a new tablet , will come to T-Mobile.
Built with a sleek, stylish frame that is only 0.36-inches thin, and surrounded by premium metal trim to provide designer-level styling, the LG Optimus L9 is the latest in the style-focused L-Series of smartphones from LG. LG Optimus L9 also features LG QuickMemo™, a smartphone experience with powerful note-taking capabilities that lets users add commentary, notes and drawings to screenshots with a few swipes of a finger, then share them with friends and family via social media and email. T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review indicated that this unit is an impressive smartphone that has its own keyboard that slides out when needed. To summarize the positive points of this unit, the T-Mobile My Touch 4G Slide Cell Phone Review highlights that the unit has practical but excellent camera features and make use of the most updated software and mother board chipsets. The new T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 will be a great device, $149 off-contract for a phone with WP8.
The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant cell phone has much better internal specs that could handle future upgrades.

The Vibrant offers a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor which is optimized for superior media viewing and game play.
The Vibrant has a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display that gives you a bright, vivid viewing experience. You shouldn’t have to live with a cracked screen, a battery that doesn’t hold a charge, or a phone that’s totally outdated just because your carrier says you’re not eligible for an upgrade.
Get a new phone when you want it: if your screen cracks, if your phone is lost or stolen, or if you just change your mind and want something different.
Also the Huawei Boddy and Pheonix  aka new myTouch with and without Qwerty Keyboard will arrive July 11th.  Also T-Mobile will launch other low end devices and the mystery Samsung Apex Q. LG Optimus L9 is equipped with a long-lasting 2,150 mAh battery so users can watch video, listen to music, explore the Internet or chat with friends and family for hours with just one charge. LG Optimus L9 provides users with a five-megapixel camera and true-to-life 1080p HD video recording capability, so all of life’s important moments can be captured with clarity.
This seems to be a limited type in the cellular phone market since the industry had been producing and marketing touch screen type of mobile phones these days.
Furthermore, the weight is just right because of the QWERTY physical keyboard that slides out added which other mobile phone with touch technology do not incorporate. There is a vast selection of shooting methods and tools for editing in this gadget at the same time has dual-core functioning.
Well, to be fair, the screen is horrible and the camera isn’t that good, but aside from those, the phone is great. I didn’t think the phone would have this many new features, but it surprised me… but for a while the Sidekick started to lag behind in features. The Xperia® Z is water-resistant with 5” Full HD screen and 13 MP camera and only at T-Mobile. I think this should be $100 on contract after rebate since it is sporting a lot of hardware from last year.

This T-Mobile is being sold in bargain price that provides a full QWERTY type of keyboard to go with its fast 1.2 gigahertz dual-core processor. It has the fastest functioning camera ever found in a mobile phone which includes strong features.
Not a bad deal considering its significant features and distinctive add-ons that are both practical and useful for the consumers.
Another significant positive point of the cellular phone is its 1080p HD video capture and a button for voice recognition feature.
Over the location of the screen, you can find a huge earpiece frame that is silver in colour as well as a camera.
Just to mention a few drawbacks, the keyboard is not that easy to type on but you can get used to it eventually. No phones will be able to take advantage of full HSPA+ until the fall at the earliest, possibly not even then. Under the display, you can find physical buttons to manoeuvre the functions of the Android operating system.
In addition, it has an application that allows phone streams of movies which are very practical nowadays.
With a stable QWERTY physical keyboard and the best camera in a mobile phone to date, this unit of smartphone is one impressive gadget operated with Android.
It has a microUSB port on the side, camera button and at the back is where the 8 megapixel camera is enclosed with a dial LED flash.
To obtain the mobile phone unit’s microSD card, it is easily accessible without having to take out the battery.

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