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SBA lease agreement Apr 26, 16 12:40 PMI purchased a property in 2003 that the former lease owner was foreclosed on. Lease rate existing tower Apr 25, 16 11:53 PMCan American Tower piggy back to avoid paying for additional carriers? Cell tower land lease Apr 18, 16 10:25 AMI live in a mountainous area in Idaho about 8 miles from the nearest tower, and interstate 15.
T-Mobile’s exploration of a sale of its tower system could net the company as much as $3 billion for parent Deutsche Telekom, according to Macquarie Capital USA Inc. T-Mobile is considering the tower sale as a way to fund future spectrum purchases and a LTE network, Deutsche Telekom’s Chief Financial Officer Timotheus Hoettges said last month. Smithen estimated that T-Mobile currently has 7,500, making up the largest network that would go up for sale barring any future offer from AT&T or Verizon Wireless.
Deutsche Telekom declined to comment as did representatives for American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA communications. This move isn’t unheard of as Sprint undertook a similar offer three years ago agreeing to sell their cellular towers to TowerCo and then signing a lease for the same towers. By selling to someone else and leasing the space, T-Mobile would not only gain $3 billion, but would also lower its own maintenance costs. Someone like TowerCo does nothing but tower management and they even manage TV station towers all over the US I believe, so it’s not some run of the mill operation. British telecom owns all towers in England the fact for which all 3G GSM phones will work with all carriers in England.
I hope the good news part was sarcastic.  I can hardly see how T-Mobile divesting its network will be any good.
I can’t wait until the article is posted so that the ridiculous comments below will stop.
So, when a story comes out that a carrier is selling or considering a sale of its corporate owned towers, that story is referring to the elevated structures and any associated real estate.
Yup, they lease the vast majority of their towers, along with at&t, sprint, and others.
The upside is the company who gets these towers has more buying power, bigger network, and it helps other carriers as well. The plus side is if one of these companies (like american tower) gets these towers, in theory t-mobile could have easy access to the 30,000 towers that company already manages now. You have to go to local governments, deal with the board, easments, permits, rights of way. I know a guy who lucked out when he signed a thirty year contract to lease land for one tower. Spectrasite now ATC purchased some sites from CIngular back in the day and some were turned back because they couldnt use some of them. Not good for the customer=Not good for the Company.  Yes if they sell Cash Flow goes up, but to continue to service the exisiting coverage, expenses of leasing goes up. Very shortly before the att merger was announced in the beginning of 2011 the sell lease back was listed as one of the ways T-Mobile was going to gain the capital to expand coverage to rural areas. Well the gamble is that if they use the $3 billion to effectively improve their network with data speeds and coverage then the added subscribers will give them added revenue covering any additional expenses which wouldn’t hurt the company for a very long time. 3 billion is not a lot of money.  And you assume that they wil use it to build out LTE, its gone and what have to got to show for it. This tower sale to improve coverage plan was in the works before the at&t deal announcement. Hey Kudo, from what I’ve read a key advantage over performance of Verizon LTE over HSPA+ 42 is the MIMO implementation of LTE Verizon has.
I don’t think it would necessarily make things faster for others just due to the MIMO.

T-Mobile has called off plans to redo the Taper Avenue Cell Tower which would have increased it's size and power output! This is great news for the children of Taper Avenue School and the neighbors adjacent to the existing cell tower. Who do you trust to keep you safe, the T-Mobile's and AT&T's who are in this to make as much money as possible? The T-Mobile representative threatened arrest and legal action against those in attendance. Towers and granting LOCAL governments authority to regulate Cell Tower placement pursuant to LOCAL zoning and planning rules! Standing together we CAN change things, doing nothing will get us nothing, (except cell towers next to our homes and schools). The FCC's vote TOMORROW will potentially take away more of YOUR RIGHTS TO FIGHT A CELL TOWER.
When you write, keep a copy of your letter and take it to Principal Doreen Steinbach's office at Taper Avenue School. Representatives from the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council were also present and showed great support.
This is one of THREE Macro sites T-Mobile is PUSHING to have built in or adjacent to R1 residential neighborhoods.
They also voted unanimously to support the motion opposing the proposed T-Mobile cell tower at Westmont and Taper Avenue! Here is T-Mobile's EIGHT antenna Macro Cell Tower planned for Bynner Drive and Western Ave. T-Mobile wants to install a LARGE multi antenna cell tower at Bynner Drive and Western within 20 feet of our residences. Come to the T-Mobile meeting at 1:00pm Oct 8 at the corner of Bynner Drive and Western Ave.
In America, the wirless networks are paid for and operated by private industry and not the government.Also, I highly doubt that 100% of Australia is covered. T-Mobile CEO John Legere loves to entice customers with attractive pricing, launch new initiatives which sparks the wireless industry to move in a positive direction for customers and troll his competitors, often with reckless abandon. From that moment forward, you can “enjoy more bars in more places,” to steal an AT&T tagline from many moons ago. The T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot is available for free for “eligible” Simple Choice customers; you just have to pay a refundable $25 deposit.
So you can imagine when that user saw the 3G symbol come up on his T-Mobile iPhone how confused he was. This could be a big deal, not just for iPhone users, but for overseas users who might have an unlocked device they are bringing over. Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit.
Macquarie analyst Kevin Smithen wrote in a note that American Tower Corp., Crown Castle International Corp. Sprint sold approximately 3,080 towers raising $670 million dollars which went to pay down Sprint’s debt.
He considers himself a Jedi Knight, capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound and a connoisseur of fine cell phones.
Then it turns around and leases those same towers from SonyEricsson and continues to use them, but TMobile is still saving itself money because now the maintenance of those towers is up to the owner, SonyEricsson, not TMobile.
But then they’re a lot smaller landmass wise than we are, so naturally it would take them far less time and resources to build a nationwide network.
Wanna throw down against my Ford Mustang GT!?!?… while I stream my Google Music collection over HSPA+ 4G through the Shaker 1000 system!?!?

What is being suggested is that the ownership of the towers would transfer to a property management group, and would be leased from these companies. If this helps T-Mobile get on the LTE path, and remain independent, then I’m all for it. With all the other things Tmo lacks against the other carriers, by doing this, Tmo will not survive which I’m starting to believe thats the intention of DT. But when we do implement MIMO we will simultaneously increase the back haul to the sites to accommodate the +84. To this day T-Mobile will NOT give the "real" output figures and numbers of the Westmont Cell Tower! More like the east coast, highways, and towns.And what on earth could you do on a cell phone with 30+mps? But for all his bravado, it takes a lot of capital to fix one of T-Mobile’s biggest problems — inadequate nationwide service coverage compared to larger rivals (namely, Verizon Wireless and AT&T). This allows the phone to see those frequencies, which are the ones that AT&T uses here in the States to send out their 3G signal.
Phones like the Nokia Lumia 900, the HTC One X from Europe (which has a quad-core processor instead of the one on AT&T that only has a dual core processor), and the list goes on. This move wouldn’t see T-Mobile giving up any tower space nor would coverage be affected in anyway. He has been involved in the wireless industry since 2003 and has been known to swap out phones far too many times in any given year. If t-mobile requests a site at a location where the company already owns a few, just put the baby on an existing site and be done, vs.
The CellSpot, which is essentially a small 4G femtocell, simply needs to be plugged into a wall outlet for power and have access to a functioning Internet connection.
3G frequencies in the phone match the ones on the carrier it is being used on, viola you have 3G.
T-Mobile owning their own towers nationwide is actually a fairly rare thing in this country. The network is still t-mobile, your phone will say t-mobile, the actual network is the same. It all depends on many factors, what’s in the best interest for coverage, for the company. Then you might end up having to scrap everything because somebody doesn’t want a tower nearby.
Its a major undertaking, its no wonder a private company is hesitant to invest the capitol required to move this technology forward.
I’d much rather see T-Mobile build an LTE network on their own through the money generated via a tower sale than having to seek an outside partner.
Governments drop billions at the request of a few hundred people (Congress) and don't have to prove that profits will come from the investment. And latency hasn't been well addressed, so good luck playing a FPS over that connection.And for what it is worth, I have always had signal with Verizon with the occasional exception of canyons and basements. Representatives for American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications weren’t immediately available for comment.

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