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UID, Unique Identification also known as India Aadhaar is a program which aims at providing the citizens of India a unique identification. This unique number database system will be maintained by Unique Identification Authority of India, the UIDAI. UIDAI is that authorized organization, which will be responsible for making the Aadhaar project a successful project. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has started issue of Aadhaar Smart Cards for the people of the state.
Aadhaar cards will be considered for issue and implementation of various schemes like pensions, Arogya Sri, MGNREGS, LPG Connections, Student fee reimbursements and scholarships. India Aadhaar is a unique program which aims at providing the citizens of India with uniqueness, as per their biometrics and some other details.
This identification will be used all over the country and will be valid for maintaining things all the way round to the point.
Nandan Nilekani and the Ram Sewak Sharma has been appointed as the Director General of UIDAI.

Upon the loss of the UID number, the card holder will have to go through a series of processes for the Identity Check and perhaps, since this process is a bit expensive, they will have to pay a small sum of money to the authority.
As shown in the picture above, the India Aadhaar number schema will actually have not even 12 digits but only 11 digits.
The numbers in UID will be non repeating and non traceable or predictable and will be generated through computer algorithms. The issues of cards for Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts have been started long back and the process is still undergoing.
Moreover, it aims at acting as a liaising thing between many organizations linking all of them into one. India Aadhaar will actually be a number which the candidate will be able to use in various places and for various purposes.
The Government has also proposed to start issue of Aadhaar Cards in five more districts of the state initially and this has been announced in the Budget Speech of 2011-12.
It is however, as known, not mandatory that everyone must apply for the India Aadhaar system.

It will be the organization responsible for maintaining the numerical database for providing the India Aadhaar, however not actually responsible for providing the citizens with the India Aadhaar Card.
However, if they do not apply, then they are surely going to face a lot of problems in those fields where the India Aadhaar number will be made mandatory as they will not be having the number with themselves.
It will be providing the citizens with the Aadhaar number with respect to their biometrics and some other details like birth date etcetera.
To proceed with online registration, you need to enter your Ration Card No and get the details before entering family members particulars.

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