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ANI (Automatic Number Identification) is a system utilized by telephone companies to identify the DN (Directory Number) of a calling subscriber. Automatic number identification permits subscribers to capture or display caller’s telephone number.
ANI technology is also offered to commercial customers who may benefit from knowing who is calling them.
ANI information can be accessed through services provided by third party companies, but they charge for this service. Toshiba's Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution enables you to increase productivity, enhance customer service and reduce costs by combining the capabilities of your Strata DK digital telephone system with the custom functionality of Windows' applications. Simply point and click any phone number in your computer database or Personal Information Manager (PIM). This innovative Windows application enables you to make and receive calls on your computer, and perform many productivity-boosting telephone operations. This Windows application's streamlined functions can be efficiently operated from the keyboard or by clicking on screen icons and buttons. This system is designed on a single printed circuit board that installs inside the Strata DK telephone system. Simply put, CTI gives you the crucial ability to determine who is calling, plus how calls should be routed and answered. All Toshiba Strata DK digital telephone systems support CTI applications using the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) - the interface standard adopted by both the computer software and telephone industries.
With StrataLink, you can determine call-handling rules and conditions, enabling you to customize how your application works. StrataLink activates specific responses in different applications, based on each call type.
StrataLink's advanced tools simplify interface testing, debugging, call-event monitoring, and setup of applications. The Toshiba Ultimate Communicator is a PC phone desktop software product that provides many useful features such as answering machine functions, basic attendant console operation, screen pops with contact manager software, and more. Stratagy Voice Mail - Stratagy menu soft keys provide screen click buttons for visual operation of voice mail functions.

Single Button Call Record - provides manual voice recording of the active call at your specific telephone as a .WAV file on the PC. Automatic Voice Logging - automatically records each call at your specific telephone as a .WAV file on the PC as a call logging function. Station Restriction Control - makes manual changes of Toll Restriction Class of selected telephones easy. Auto Night Transfer Control - automatically places the Strata DK system into Day, Day2, or Night mode at pre-designated times and days of the week.
Automatic Call Park and Page - automatically takes an unanswered outside call, plays an announcement, places the call on hold, then announces the call via paging.
Auto Dial - dials a telephone number from a speed dial list maintained in the Communicator. Custom applications can also be developed by Ultimate Software Products, Inc., Toshiba's software development partner. Single phase motor terminal configurations used on Copelaweld® compressors are shown below. This feature was developed by AT&T, and it should not be confused with new caller ID services. The system passes the caller's telephone number to your computer via Automatic Number Identification (ANI) or Calling Line Identification (CLID) provided by your telephone company. Your telephone then dials the call-- a must for maximizing the productivity of outbound telemarketing. StrataLink processes multiple call events that capture Caller ID and generate screen displays. Just select from pre-defined tested applications-the proper interface is automatically assigned.
Each recording will be automatically erased at the end of the day unless it is specifically saved. You can restrict outgoing KTS during off hours and provide greater KTS during regular business hours. If the call is not picked up after a designated amount of time, the call is transferred to voice mail.

Critical lines and stations can be monitored and reports generated for the performance and usage of those facilities. This includes customer-specified application development, and support for developers who create their own applications.
Best of all, you can start by adding CTI to the desktops of key personnel only, then cost-effectively expand CTI throughout your company as needed.
The industry rule in order to avoid confusion is that common, start, and run terminals are identified always in that order, in the same fashion as reading a book. The wiring connections as shown are correct, but there has been some confusion due to the physical difference in terminal location. In ANI, the line type and the telephone number of a calling party are captured, even in situations when caller ID blocking is on. ANI serves a function similar to Caller-ID, but utilizes different underlying technology. Vital caller information from your database appears on-screen while your telephone rings, and during the call. StrataLink even generates screen displays on transferred calls and when reconnecting to calls on-hold. The auto dial number codes are user definable to correspond to office number, store number, customer number, etc. In other words, reading from left to right, and from top to bottom, the terminals are always C, S, and R. In addition, although Caller-ID can be blocked by prefixing a call with *67, ANI is (usually) impossible to block.
Terminal identification is stamped into the compressor shell or marked on the terminal cover.

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