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Earlier we reported how Telus had organized a busload of 500 employees to protest outside Industry Minister James Moore’s constituency office in Port Moody. Former Conservative cabinet minister Stockwell Day (and current director at Telus) has urged the Harper government to delay its upcoming spectrum auction and rethink its wireless rules, which are said to favour Verizon over Rogers, Telus and Bell, despite the latter holding 85% of available spectrum and 90% of the telecommunications market in Canada. He added that recent changes in government – such as July’s cabinet shuffle and the movement of senior federal bureaucrats between departments – may also have contributed to a failure to realize the ramifications of holding the auction under the existing rules. How is the “Canada Last” policy helpful in stimulating competitiveness in our rural and urban communities? With the deadline for applications to participate in the wireless spectrum auction quickly arriving on September 17, expect incumbents to ramp up their lobbying in the final weeks.

This all seems desperate to me, but then again if they raise a big enough stink, they might scare off entrants to the auction. Now, two prominent former public figures which are now part of the Telus organization have spoken their minds on the subject. Canadian companies deserve a level playing field when it comes to access to important Canadian resources like spectrum that is used to deliver services in urban and rural Canada. There are many ways that we can increase competition for the benefit of Canadians and I think we all understand that.
They then proceeded to use these same rules to their advantage and essentially squeezed out WIND and Mobilicity.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot (so to speak) and the big 3 are crying foul as to how the rules are unfair to them.

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