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In the box enter your 10-digit cell phone number that can receive text messages (standard text messaging rates apply). Storing a hyperlink presents a myriad of possibilities beyond just loading a web page -- play a video, download a mobile app, check-in on Foursquare, update a Twitter status, "Like" a Facebook page, display map directions, and more. Once the barcode image is created, it can be printed on nearly any surface and location -- newspapers, TV ads, billboards, temporary tattoos, product packaging, clothing labels, cake frosting, and more. Real estate agents use 2D barcodes on "for sale" signs providing prospective buyers access to virtual tours. A Google Trends analysis of these 2D barcodes shows "QR code" dominates by far from a search popularity perspective. Note: To generate a code on the ScanLife or Microsoft Tag sites, you'll first need to create an account. RedLaser and AT&T Code Scanner also have geolocation features for local price comparison shopping.
It's work to scan a barcode, so users have higher expectations as to what content they will find. For example, including a QR code on a business card that links to a meCard would be a lot easier than the user manually entering the contact record. Complex 2D barcodes (a lot going on, not very dense) are more challenging and time consuming to scan. Warning: Small, complex QR codes are the biggest mistake currently being made by marketers.
Tip: For the reader app download, include a URL link or SMS shortcut to expedite the process.

QR codes include an Error Correction Level (ECL) that enables "damaged" codes to still be scanned.
To ensure campaign success, consider consulting with a mobile barcode marketing expert, especially if it's your first time running a mobile barcode campaign. Expertise goes beyond consultants: Talk to your web analytics guru and learn all you can about the mobile users currently accessing your website. You will be able to connect to the network for up to 72 hours after receiving your login information. Here's a follow-up crash course on tools, tactics, and best practices to confidently help you jumpstart a 2D barcode marketing campaign. Unlike a 1-dimensional UPC code, a 2-dimensional barcode stores data in both directions and can be scanned vertically or horizontally to be decoded. ScanLife EZcode and Microsoft Tag are proprietary formats only decodable by their tools, while QR and DataMatrix formats are open standard. QR has become a common term used to reference a 2D barcode (2D code, mobile tag, mobile barcode, etc.) even when codes are technically a different format.
ScanLife's generator creates their proprietary EZcode as well as QR and DataMatrix formats.
For comprehensive scan tracking, you'll need to use a barcode generator tool that includes tracking analytics. Reward the user with discounts, exclusive content, or useful tips relevant to the code's context. This step is imperative when using proprietary Microsoft Tag or ScanLife EZcode formats since only one reader is capable of scanning their codes.

Their custom tag tool allows users to generate art from codes or even overlay codes on top of photographs. As long as 2D barcodes are novelty, it's important that users easily recognize a scannable code from a distance. Seek out mobile marketing industry statistics regarding popular devices and demographics to appropriately target your audience.
Consider scenarios that leverage smartphone features (email, SMS, phone call, video, map, apps, etc.) to save the user time.
Moreover, without the auto-focus (AF) camera feature, a complex QR code will have the same scanning issue, even if the code is larger. As a result, creative license can be used to create designer QR codes from a variety of colors or materials (i.e.
A few hours of expert consulting can bring your team up to speed, help optimize campaigns for success, and avoid unnecessary embarrassment for poor implementation. The iPhone 3GS and Blackberry are popular handset examples that lack both of these camera features. That means there are a lot of smartphone rookies that barely know how to use their phone, much less distinguish differences in mobile barcode formats and reader apps. As long as 2D barcodes are a novelty concept, always include a brief step-by-step guide with the context of your code.

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