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The Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) is a community-based environmental non-profit organization registered in 1990, with a mission to enhance the ecological health of the Annapolis River watershed, through sci-ence, leadership, and community engagement. Over our 26 year history CARP has been successful in delivering a wide-variety of projects that address environmental issues specific to the Annapolis watershed.
Clean Annapolis River Project is excited to announce that the second Annapolis River Festival will be held July 16, 2016 at Jubilee Park, Bridgetown.
After the success of CARPa€™s inaugural Festival in 2015, this yeara€™s Festival will see the return of last yeara€™s most popular events, along with some exciting additions. This years expanded Dragon Boat races wills see 16 teams, each with 20 paddlers, compete for the titles of Fastest Boat, Most Spirit, and Most Pledges Raised.
Competitors will set-up on site and have the day to prepare two racks of competition ribs, as well as additional food for sampling. Travel by canoe is a defining feature of Canadian heritage, and to this day Nova Scotians continue to explore the backcountry of our province in this way. The canoe has played a central role in the Canadian history, remaining one if its most enduring symbols. What better way to appreciate the Annapolis River than going for a cruise and taking in the scenery first hand? The Festival will provide something for every member of the family; a touch tank, interactive games and activities will be available for families with young children who have some energy to burn. Local talent from across the Valley will take to the stage to provide live entertainment throughout the day. Travel by canoe is a defining feature of Canadian heritage, and to this day Nova Scotiana€™s continue to explore the backcountry of our province in this way.The traditional canoe race will include a portage and paddle relay along the river bank at Jubilee Park, where spectators can join by cheering on their family and friends. As shown on Samuel du Champlaina€™s maps dated to 1609, the RiviA?re du Dauphin was an important travel corridor in Acadie, making it one of Canadaa€™s most historic waterways.Later renamed the Annapolis by the British, the river has continued to define local culture. The canoe obstacle course will appeal to the adrenaline seekers in the crowd, and those who want to show-off their prowess in a canoe. What better way is there to appreciate the Annapolis River then by going for a cruise and taking in the scenery first hand?
The Festival will boast something for every member of the family; interactive games and activities will provide an option for families with young children who have some energy to burn.
The Clean Annapolis River Project is a charitable non-profit organization (Canada Revenue Agency registration number 133712638RR0001).
I was a part of Canada’s leading residential mortgage team for 12 years, closing 21,000 deals worth approximately $3.6 billion. First National Financial is Canada's largest non-bank lender, originating, underwriting and servicing both residential and commercial mortgages. My success in Atlantic Canada on the residential side taught me a lot about how I do business. This program provides non-taxable amounts paid monthly to help low- and modest-income families with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age.
This benefit provides a non-taxable amount paid monthly to qualifying families to help with the cost of raising children under the age of six.
This credit is a non-taxable amount paid to help lowa€‘income individuals and families with the carbon taxes they pay.

The BC low income climate action tax credit is fully funded by the British Columbia provincial government.
The awareness rate of the advertising message around your location will be close to 99%, with a recall rate of over 50%. Once we have received these signed forms and payment (by cheque or credit card) your order will be finalized.
CARP has emerged as a leader in implementing community-based stewardship and conservation initiatives. This daylong event is a celebration of the environmental, historical, cul-tural, and recreational values of the Annapolis River. In the festivala€™s first year we were joined by over 1200 guests, a number that we intend to grow. These years event will feature a minimum of 2 heats per team, with the chance to progress to a consolation and championship round. A panel of three judges, including one judge selected from the Festival crowd, will determine a winner. The Canoe & Kayak Exhibit will highlight the historical development of these watercraft within Nova Scotia, with over 30 canoes on display, an active canoe building demo, paddle carving and seat caning demos, and hands-on activities for kids.
Dinner of the Dauphin will highlight valley produce presented in traditional Acadian recipes, and accompanied by local wine, beer and cider.
Paddlers will compete to complete the course in the fastest time, while maneuvering their way over, around, under and through a series of technical paddling challenges. When I took over managing the residential business in Atlantic Canada, my funding volumes increased from $38 million annually to $502 million (2014). As the number one lender of CMHC commercial mortgages, First National currently has more than $80 billion in mortgages under administration. I invest myself in my clients’ businesses, provide advice and coaching and support their growth.
For single individuals with no children, the credit is reduced by 2% of his or her adjusted net income over $32,445. I have recently transitioned to the commercial side, and am looking forward to having the opportunity to build a business similar to what I did during the past 10 years in residential. It is calculated based on the number of children you have and your adjusted family net income. It is calculated based on the number of eligible children you have and your adjusted family net income. For families, the credit is reduced by 2% of their adjusted family net income over $37,852.
Not shy to push people outside of their comfort zones, I do so with a purpose (to create opportunity and drive growth) and a strong foundation of trust. I have a firm bias towards action and am looking forward to replicating my success with commercial clients.
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