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When you go to buy a best mobile phone we give first priority to brand, therefore we are giving you best mobile phones of best mobile brands in 2015 including Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG and some others. All these Best Latest Mobile Phones are powerful devices because it contains highly speed processors and latest versions of operating systems. Top 10 best mobile phone brands 2015, including the inexpensive, most popular, effective and safe brands for each day and infrequent use. Mobile phones have gone into the major league with approximately a mobile phone for each two individuals on the planet. The headquarter of Yulong is in China and is an alternate popular and broadly admired cell phone brand.
TCL Organization is yet an alternate glorious Chinese gadgets organization, it’s headquarter is in Guangdong, China, Huizhou. LG Company is an international South Korean organization that is recognized for its exceptional quality of cell phones and other tech things.
Nokia is a popular IT brand, the headquarter of Nokia is in Uusimaa, Espoo, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan region. New Moto X might not have few of the special functions seen in other Android gadgets, yet the client experience, rapid software upgrades, and core usefulness can’t be beat.
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the most excellent Windows Telephone accessible today and has pretty much all that you could need in a mobile phone.
HTC enhanced its Sense 6 UI so it sincerely improves, as opposed to reduces, the Android experience. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 emphasizes the best of Samsung in a gadget improved for the S Pen encounters.
The Sony Xperia Z2 was one of my most loved gadget buys this year, yet the bottom bezels and large top made the gadget a bit excessively ache for me individually.
Nokia proclaimed the Lumia 930 several months prior and the US version of this gadget is known as the Nokia Lumia Icon from Verizon Wireless.
The opposition of smart phones has escalated daily with new item launches happening regularly. The headquarter of ZTE is in Shenzhen, China and mostly operates in three big business units: Terminals, Telecommunication and Carrier Networks.
This Chinese gadget producer has focused in selling tablets, mobiles and different tech gadgets. None of us can live without communication with family and friends and the best means of communication is mobile phone. That is the similar size as the original Moto X display and makes the iPhone 6 a gadget that will be effectively pocketable. Its camera is frequently alluded to as the Achilles heel of this mobile phone, however sincerely the pictures are fine sharing photos and social networks online.

The display is superb and the LG G3 offers pretty much all that you could need in a present day mobile phone.
It listed in top 10 best mobile phones in the world.The Xperia Z3 is water-resistant, has a strong camera has an almost immaculate Google experience, and an amazingly premium finish and fit. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best mobile of 2015 and it has features over the S4, for example, heart rate monitor, water resistant design, 16 megapixel camera and fingerprint scanner.
It presents the ideal blend of screen size, 5 inches, with fantastic camera and internal specs.
We are here to tell you 10 Best Mobile Phones in 2014-2015 and then you should select one of them and buy it by going to your local mobile shop.
Top brands of mobile phone are accessible online and in mortar stores and traditional brick, permitting customers to choose the best choices for themselves and their family. The endurance of a brand is just conceivable if it gives incredible handsets at reasonable expenses. In China, as well as worldwide its items are similar to for being cost-friendly and reliable.
It mostly concentrates on giving electronic things like gaming consoles, refrigerators, TV and other such supplies, and cell phones to the clients. It mostly bargains in TVs, cell phones, washing machines, air conditioners and different other home apparatuses. This organization has its operations in more than one hundred twenty nations over the globe, and presently its workers are more than 65,100. This mobile phone is ranked at 1st number in the list of top 10 best mobile phones 2015.The iPhone 6 Plus is the best phone accessible today with price ranging from $299 to $499. The price is correct, however, at simply $99 with two-year contract and $499 with no agreement. This mobile phone is ranked at 4th number in the list of top 10 best mobile phones 2015.The display of iPhone 6 is 1334 x 750 pixels furthermore gets the iSight camera and new processors.
There is simply the perfect measure of customizations, features and settings without being tyrannical like Samsung has a tendency to do. This mobile phone is ranked at 7th number in the list of top 10 best mobile phones 2015.The LG G3 is an extraordinary decision with the microSD card slot, fantastic camera, removable battery and innovative rear button design. You can’t beat a top of the line Nokia Lumia camera on a mobile phone and the Icon does not disappoint.
As we know nowadays a mobile phone is necessary for each person to play games, listen music and for entertainment. This brand has its business operations the world over under the names Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications, Sony Financial and Sony Computer Entertainment. The organization plans, makes, and sells personal tablets, computers, workstations, great smartphones and other comparable gadgets.
The organization has three sub-brands, and was established in 1981 and consolidated in 1985 as TCL Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd.

This is a fabulous Chinese telecommunication and networking company, it’s headquarter is in Guangdong, Shenzhen.
Since a long, Samsung has been assembling first rate hardware and cell phones for its worldwide clients. It has an incredible concentrate on vast scale telecommunications infrastructure, online mapping services and mobile phones.
Contrast that with the most minimal priced iPhone 6 at $649 and you can rapidly see the worth in the Moto X. The price of iPhone 6 is $100 less than the iPhone 6 Plus ranging from $199-$399 and full costs from $649-$849. A few years ago the mobile phones were very simple we just talk on mobile but with the improvements of technology now on the latest mobile phones we are able to play games, listen music, watch videos, take photos and many advanced features have come in best latest mobile phones. The organization was established as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd in 1985 in Shenzhen, China. Masaru Ibuka began a gadgets shop in Tokyo In 1946, and that was the time when Sony initiated existence.
Lenovo is now working in more than seventy nations around the world, and was established in Beijing as Legend in 1984. The organization has its business spread in more than 100 nations everywhere throughout the world.
Previous mobile phones had slight functions like GPS navigation, digital camera and few sophisticated specifications with simple design. So, we are giving you 10 Best Latest Mobile Phones in 2014 to 2015 with specification you can check them below.
It listed in top 10 famous mobile phone brands in the world & Top brands of mobile phone.
Its outstanding auxiliaries are Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung C&T and Samsung Electronics.
Apple likewise has displayed purchaser software, for example, the iTunes media browser, iWork and the OS X etc. This brand was established in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, an engineer in Liberation Army of People.
The famous and best brand was established by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs on 1st April, 1976.
The organization has more than 140,000 workers, and its offices in Canada, USA, UK, France, Pakistan and different nations.

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