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One of those things which can prove surprisingly tricky is that of transferring your mobile phone number from old to new – we can relate if you need a hand.
If you haven’t done so already then now is the time to find yourself a new deal with a new phone. Once you’re speaking to them, you simply need to give them your PAC code and they should handle the rest. Your number should be transported across to your new phone in a day, but if you’re switching over a weekend it may take longer.
If you have a question about switching networks and keeping your phone number, take a look at our FAQs here. A PAC code is nine digit code that is issued to you by your old network when you want to port your number to another SIM card.
Your existing network has to provide you with a PAC code, even if you have an outstanding balance to be paid on your contract. Also, if someone has passed away, you won’t be able to request a PAC code for their account.
Transferring your phone number is no longer a complicated process, so it only take a matter of days. The number porting system is designed to ensure you aren’t without a phone for an extended period of time. For a better browsing experience and to properly view all of the features of our website, please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. While your number is being transferred, your previous service will continue to work, although there may be a short period of downtime while the actual transfer is taking place.

Check your voicemail and other services one last time before the number transfer as you will no longer have access to these services from your previous plan. You are responsible for any fees or charges that apply once your service is cancelled with your current provider. If any other services are connected to your phone number, such as the Internet and alarm systems, they may be impacted by transferring your number. Verizon wireless cell phone plans - compare verizon cell, Compare verizon wireless cell phone plans at wirefly. How to transfer my verizon wireless prepay phone to my, Verizon wireless allows prepaid phone customers to transfer prepaid devices to contract accounts. Not only do you have to find the phone you want, buy it, set-it up and probably update it, but you also have to worry about a tonne of other things. This has to be done within two hours of your request, but is often given to you there and then. It’s not legal for your network to withhold it from you, so if they continue to resist, kick up a fuss and they will issue it to you.
This can be done online or in-store, but needs to be done soon after getting your PAC code if not done before. You can do this by calling their customer service number, which you should be able to find on any documentation you were given when taking out the contract for consumer or business.
Your old SIM will no longer be sporting the same number, with that now fully working on your current SIM instead. Upon requesting your PAC code you should receive it within two hours, once it’s issued to your new network provider they should carry your number over within 24 hours.

Whilst you’ve issued your PAC code, you will still be able to use your old network, once the transfer takes place you might lose signal. We will take care of cancelling your service with your old service provider when the transfer is complete.
When you choose to transfer your number to Bell, you also get to choose one of our leading-edge phones with cool features like Mobile TV, music, text messaging, email and more. Be sure to contact the company providing these services to ensure that there is no disruption in service as a result of the transfer. Verizon Wireless allows prepaid phone customers to transfer prepaid devices to contract accounts. It’s a necessity if you plan on porting your number, and must be given to your new network to have the number transferred.
However, as the code is only valid for 30 days, you should ensure that you get the new phone and SIM before that runs out. However, this can take longer if you issue the code over a weekend or a busy period, after this don't forget to recycle any old phone. However, this loss of service should signify that the move has taken place, so by simply restarting your phone you should get the number on your new SIM.
You will also select a new plan along with useful add-on features that let you make the most of your new phone.

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