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The $55 plan includes unlimited talk, text and 5 GB Data at up to 4G LTE Speed Then slowed to unlimited 2G. This plan offered cell phones prices from $19 to $149, most of these cell phones are running Android system. The Renoir plan for $15 includes 500 talk minutes, 500 text messages, 500 MB of data and Wi-Fi calling.
The Miro plan for $15 includes unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messages, 2GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi calling. Quite frankly they should be, as T-mobile’s prepaid plans are widely regarded as the best currently available. They’ve put significantly more emphasis on voice, with the inclusion of unlimited talk for all their plans.

AT&T has better coverage in the boonies of West Michigan and after all, throttled data is better than no data whatsoever. Let us know in the comments down below, and go join the conversation over on our Google Plus page. Includes nationwide coverage and long range, caller ID, no contract, voicemail, call waiting, no check credit. That not only explains their decision to create Aio, a new prepaid carrier, it also explains why the first item on their webpage is a rather obvious request for T-Mobile customers to leave. Unfortunately though, a quick glance downward reveals that the plan is solely for feature phones. For those who exceed the monthly limit of 500 minutes of talk, Verizon will charge you an additional fee of $0.25 per minute.

Aio also offers a cheap tablet plan, $15 a month for 250 MB of high speed data, followed by unlimited throttled data. If you live in an area with good T-mobile coverage, their $30 a month, 5GB high speed data plan simply cannot be topped. Similarly, those who use tons of data will find T-Mobile’s truly unlimited $70 option far better than the 7GB cap offered by Aio at the same price point. If you are a fairly light web user who likes to talk a lot Aio’s 2GB plan will save you $5 a month over the comparable T-Mobile plan.

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