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Having an unlisted number can cut down on the number of prank calls that a person receives. An unlisted phone number is a residential phone number that is not published in any phone directory or phone book provided to the general public.
Prior to the development of more advanced phone technologies such as caller identification, there was no charge to have an unlisted phone number.
While anyone with existing phone service can switch a published number to an unlisted phone number, it often makes sense to acquire a new phone number before making it unlisted. Information on how an unlisted phone number may impact a person's phone service can usually be obtained from a local phone company.
Now there is no question that paying to not publish some personal information is a bit counterintuitive. First, the entire concept of any database is to make the management of large volumes of data easier.
Centurylink charges $3.50 a month for unpublished numbers, then if you look in the front of their book, it says if you buy caller ID they will give you the named and numbers of unlisted and unpublished numbers. The FCC is who mandates that all numbers be reported to a directory, and if people do not want their numbers reported there is a fee that varies by state and company, depending on how they are tariffed with the PUC.
These days, you can find the unlisted cell phone number through the reverse phone look up system available online. They often use the phone book directory to find such information and this requires a lot of time. A good number of these online sites are free but there are also some sites available that will charge you a fixed fee per unlisted cell phone number searches.
You may get the details like owner’s name, location or some times a city name or a town name. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or copying in any way is prohibited by law and will be prosecuted.
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Reverse phone lookup from spokeo - spokeo people search, Reverse phone lookup and reverse phone number lookup finds the caller's name, address, email, and photos. Since it would be irrational for a business to have an unpublished number, it applies primarily to residential phone service customers who do not wish for their phone number to be available to the public.
However, most home phone service providers now charge a small fee for this service because of the complication that it causes to maintain separation in their large databases. Many companies offer to sell unpublished and unlisted phone number information to legal professionals, businesses, and individuals. Phone companies may work with consumers if there have been problems, such as harassment, that violate the law and help them to acquire a new, unlisted number if necessary. No phone company has stated that they won't release your address and phone number, which is enough to at least spam you with annoying phone calls. Most people willingly give their address and phone number out to an enormous number of companies. And two, it's called a revenue stream and, if you haven't noticed, everybody is doing them to death these days. These are days of stolen identities and here the phone companies give addresses and phone numbers out to the world!
It sounds like a phone company scam, and yet, I'd really like to remain unpublished as much as possible. In addition, when "unpublished numbers" are googled, a truckload of websites came up that promise to find any unpublished number. Many times you receive prank calls from mysterious numbers or you may also find a phone number in your bills and begin to wonder whose phone number is this?
Today, it is totally possible to find the unknown or unlisted cell phone numbers through internet within a click. Most of these websites are user friendly and basically, you will just have to type in a phone number to get whatever information that you need. Simply select what type of number you want to look up, and the software will help you find out who the owner is. Use reverse phone directory lookup and free people search to find owners names and addresses. While any individual can request that his or her phone number be unlisted, it is a practice common for people who work with the general public, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, and school teachers. An unlisted phone number will not be published in public phone directories or books and will not show up on caller ID displays. For residential customers, phone services like privacy manager make it impossible for people with unlisted numbers to call a phone line with privacy services installed without first identifying themselves. And don't think that being on the Do Not Call Registry makes a difference, because the phone company doesn't care; they aren't the ones calling you.
Whether you do or do not want your name, address and phone number published should simply be a check box on your phone bill.

Our phone number was published in a non-Verizon phone book and the company tells me there's nothing they can do because *they* still aren't publishing it.
Whether it can be a mobile or landline or an unlisted number, you can find complete details of any mysterious and unlisted cell phone number. You can find complete details of owner of unknown number online in a short period of time as internet has made things easier than it was before now. In some websites, you need to enter the details like your name, email address and phone number you wish to search.
Whether it is listed or unlisted cell phone number, you can find the complete details through online sites.
While it is virtually impossible to keep a phone number completely private, having it unlisted can significantly cut down on telemarketing phone calls, prank calls, and public invasion. Also shows up periodically on caller ID but there is nothing they can do about that either!!! Before the internet ever come into existence, this was a very problem to find the owner of an unknown number.
With the help of internet and special services called the reverse phone look up directory, you can find out that who is owner of a phone number.
The free sites provide the information about a unlisted cell phone number owner but not complete details. Using the paid sites or service providers have greater benefits as compare to the free sites because the free sites are hardly updated and if you use them then you will get old information. They have absolutely no right to reveal your personal information to the world, let alone extort “hush money” from you! In those days, people tend to search this everywhere to get some information of that number.
The paid service providers or sites will give you up to date information about any listed or unlisted cell phone number like current home address, map location and many more.
So with the power of internet and paid sites, you can find details about any type of phone number. There are many reverse phone look up websites on the internet to choose from and through which you can find any unlisted cell phone number.

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