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This free phone hack will also root your phone for you, which will allow you to have more control over your cell phone. In order to successfully unlock your cell phone for free you’ll need to take care when performing this phone unlock using the software download provided.
Disconnect or remove all software relating to any type of USB device, such as Apple, Blackberry, PDAnet, Microsoft, etc. After completing the above steps, install the drivers that are inside of the downloaded hack kit BEFORE plugging in your phone to the USB cable. Once all of the above pre-unlocking steps are completed on the phone we may continue to use the software to unlock a Samsung Inspire 4G.
If you run into problems and need help, please see the original thread on this free cell phone unlock. We've partnered with Trialpay so you can complete just 1 easy offer & get your cell phone unlock code - FREE! Using this limited time program you can do 1 simple offer and get your Samsung's unlock code for free. If your mobile phone is locked to one particular service provider you may want to look into mobile phone unlocking if you want to change carrier, here at Review Centre we bring you reviews of the best mobile phone unlocking sites. The contentious cell phone unlocking ban that went into effect this year may be on the ropes. The Obama administration filed a petition (pdf) with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, asking the agency to create new rules that would allow cell phone users to unlock their handsets once their carrier contracts expire.
The petition, formally filed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), requires that wireless carriers unlock devices that are paid in full, allowing users to move their device to another carrier.
Currently, the law mandates that wireless customers may only unlock their devices with permission from the carrier.
The Librarian of Congress, which issues new rules every three years to allow for exemptions to the DMCA, decided to remove cell phone unlocking from the list of approved practices last year, where it sat since 2006.
Sina Khanifar, an entrepreneur turned digital rights activist who launched the White House petition, says the NTIA petition is an important first step toward restoring consumer rights. Khanifar adds that, even if the petition successfully lifts the ban, it does not solve all the problems.

Phone locking ia a procedure used by network operators to prevent phones they sell being used on other networks. In 2002 Ofcom clearly stated that locked handsets are a restriction to consumers' freedom to choose the operator they want. So as a customer, you can unlock your phone using whichever method you prefer in order to switch between networks as you choose. Phones are designed to be unlockable, selling a phone in the UK that can't be unlocked is not allowed by Ofcom.
Unlocking SIMs, Turbo SIMs, Unlock SIMs and Smart SIMs (as they are variously called) are tiny sleeves you place between your SIM and your phone, that "trick" your phone into thinking your SIM card belongs to a different network.
Although these devices are very thin, they may require you to cut your SIM in order to fit them.
In order to have your phone unlocked you will need to provide the IMEI number for the phone (get this by entering *#06# into the phone) also, phone make, phone model, your name, your email address (where you want the unlock code sending to) your account number or mobile number. To complete this free software unlock all you’ll need to do is load up your phone with old software, then exploit a feature to unlock it!
Also, make sure to connect the USB cable to a USB port directly connect to your computers system board. Using this method you wont have to worry about voiding your warranty with the use of phone unlocking software.
In addition to unlock codes, Trialpay has provided of millions of free purchases to users all over the world! Whether you are willing to pay or want free phone unlocking, we have hundreds of reviews to help you find out which site is best and where you can get phone unlocking software from, but if you know any other gems then don’t be afraid to leave your review here at Review Centre. If approved, wireless carriers would be required by law to unlock customers’ devices.
If enacted, the new FCC rules would also allow those who buy secondhand devices to unlock them via the original carrier.
If a person unlocks a device without carrier permission, he or she would be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), which protects the software used by carriers to lock devices to their networks. As of January, unlocking a device without wireless carrier approval has carried a potential maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $2,500 fine per violation.

Older devices and those produced by smaller manufacturers may not be easily unlocked due to out-of-date or incomplete databases of unlock codes. Network operators claim that this practice is justified because they often subsidise the cost of the phone on the basis that they will have future earnings from locked in phones.
These codes can be provided by the network operator, they often charge a fee for this service. Having said this, not all methods used to unlock handsets achieve this in the way the manufacturers intended. Afterwards, all you’ll need to do is update the software on your phone and it’ll still be unlocked! Unlock your LG phone today with UnlockBase: We supply LG unlock codes for 1,073 LG cell phone models.
The unlocking ban would also be lifted for both cell phones and tablets that are locked to a specific carrier. Further, says Khanifar, the new rules would not require wireless carriers to unlock devices in a timely manner. There are also legitimate, businesses that provide unlocking solutions to companies and government bodies who want to switch operators after their contract with their existing supplier has ended. However, they have the advantage that technically, they do not unlock your handset and so do not effect you warranty.
The phone needs to be active, you can't unlock an old pay as you go phone that's no longer on an active account. Although, unlocking your phone is perfectly legal you should check any contractual obligations you may have with your operator as such items are covered under civil law.

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