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EB-5 VISAS: In the past several years, regional centers soliciting foreign investment in exchange for green cards have increased from four to 26 in the Sunshine State.
Proponents say it’s been good for the state’s economy, but critics charge it’s nothing more than selling green cards. With genuine results of the EB-5 program difficult to determine, questions loom about the jobs created and the apparent loss of investors’ money.
The seemingly low job threshold has had the recent effect of lining up green card seekers to pay big money, as business developers have expanded their courtship of foreigners as a way to secure cheap financing. At the direction of Bentley, Florida Watchdog then contacted the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the agency responsible for designating EB-5 investment areas within the state. DEO’s press secretary, Jessica Sims, confirmed the agency does not keep job-creation statistics, information regarding immigrant investor residency or data showing whether foreign investor funds are recouped.
An analysis of information provided by the USCIS regarding I-526 and I-829 forms, however, shows that of the 7,871 alien entrepreneur applications accepted over the past four years, only 2,424 were ultimately approved for permanent residency. In other words, 7,871 immigrant investors paid $500,000 to $1 million depending on the project, and 2,424 actually received green cards.
USCIS keeps no records as to whether foreign investor funds are returned after their petitions for residency are denied, nor does the agency monitor employment data after two years of accepting an EB-5 application. Mohammed Shaikh, an Orlando-based certified fraud examiner with extensive EB-5 experience, has openly questioned the efficacy of the visa program.
The low number of green cards issued and subsequent jobs created is particularly troubling when considering that EB-5 investors can receive credit for positive employment results, even when other domestic investors contribute to the overall financing of a project.
Florida Watchdog asked Bentley whether the cheap EB-5 financing makes it easier to build businesses and create jobs, or if the funding simply alleviates risk for the developer.
The EB-5 investor can move to the United States on a two-year temporary visa, along with their spouse and children, once the initial visa application and investment money is accepted. If the associated business venture fails to produce the necessary jobs, the onus to deport falls on the immigrant investor. President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness has called for the EB-5 program to be “radically” expanded to generate at least 40,000 jobs a year.

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Mohammed Shaikh, an Orlando-based scam artist, who claims to have experience in EB-5 is no more than a wife-beater (look at his domestic violence record in Orange County, Florida), and going through deportation proceedings (See U.S. Don’t miss our newsGet the latest on government waste, fraud, and abuse - directly in your inbox.
NORTH OF BOSTON – Gasoline prices continue to rise in Massachusetts, and are up 7 cents per gallon today compared to a week ago, according to AAA Northeast. SALEM – Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll today announced that the City of Salem is now accepting applications from Salem youth interested in serving on the new Salem Youth Commission. Seven of the nine seats on the commission will be filled by Salem youth between 13 and 21 years of age and the remaining two will be filled with individuals who represent organizations or agencies that interact with the youth population. BEACON HILL – According to a release, The Massachusetts Restaurant Association is applauding the Massachusetts legislature for their inclusion of a state-wide ban on powdered alcohol in legislation signed into law by Governor Baker entitled An Act Relative to Substance Use, Treatment, Education and Prevention. WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Seth Moulton will join President Barack Obama on his historic trip to Cuba next week. Subscribe to our Daily Distraction e-mail to read our latest cover story, product spotlight, or restaurant review from across the North of Boston region!
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Supported by a drilled caisson foundation, this building is covered in brick veneer, curtain wall, and metal panels.
The successful completion of this project challenged us to overcome budget constraints, tight site logistics, tenant coordination, and extremely contaminated soil pockets.
A few years ago, four regional centers in the state were soliciting foreign investor money in exchange for U.S. As long as 10 jobs can be created or saved within two years of a $500,000 investment, a green card will be rewarded. Shaikh raised concerns with Florida Watchdog about the state’s regional centers’ practice of soliciting cash abroad for risky domestic investments as potentially conflicting with U.S. USCIS keeps no data pertaining to self-deportation or instances in which individuals may have stayed past the terms of their temporary visa.

Edward Guy from the Andover Police Department successfully completed and graduated from the 263rd session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.
Citizenship and Immigration Building with elevated concrete slab on metal deck and metal deck roof construction, with provision for roof to be converted into future 3rd floor.
Located within the facility are the offices of Homeland Security and a ceremony room for new citizens.
The project’s owner was presented with $2,000,000 in value engineering options, of which $1,500,000 were selected and put into place. The jobs can be created directly or indirectly by the investment and, oftentimes, multiple foreign investors are associated with individual projects. The adopted language says that “no person shall sell, offer for sale, manufacture or possess powdered alcohol”.
President has visited the country. Congressman Moulton is a co-sponsor of the “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act”. The bipartisan bill draws support from more than 60 cosponsors, calling for an end to travel restrictions for Americans heading to Cuba.
You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Guy was recognized for his achievement at the formal ceremony in Quantico on Friday, March 18.
The Massachusetts price is 12 cents below the national average for regular unleaded of $1.98. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Guy also graduated from the School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University at the end of 2015.

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