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As part of its investigation, the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights reviewed 529 randomly selected applicant files, which included comments from at least two Princeton admissions officers. The OCR letter notes that this type of comparison was seen in how readers evaluated international students from non-Asian countries as well, as demonstrated in these comments about an applicant from the country of Georgia. Asian-American students may still be at a distinct disadvantage when applying to highly competitive colleges due to stereotypes, according to Sara Harberson, a former Ivy League admissions dean.

Grace Apilado, a student at West Creek High School, won $1,000 scholarship from TNStars College Savings 529 Program.
TIPS serves middle to lower income families who have set aside money in their child’s college savings account. Perhaps HK [Hong Kong] cultural background and family background means he's a tad guarded, but there was a quirkiness I found endearing a€¦ Not sure he would s.o.

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