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I've taken English as a subject at school and I never was taught the phonetic symbols. Now that I have learnt them by myself, and noticing how much they have helped me to improve my pronunciation, I wonder why this phonetic approach is not very popular among teachers. The international phonetic symbols are not taught in K-12 schools nowadays to learn English.

However, there is something called phonics, which helps kids try to make the correct English pronunciation on words they have not seen before, therefore to help kids learn to read and write in English. In the early 70's, phonetics went out of style with the educators and sight reading came in.
The reason that it is not taught is becausae most native English teachers don't know the phonetic symbols (alphabet) themselves.
As a guy who went through school just as phonetics were being phased out, I agree it´s a shame we gave that up. I do remember that when I was a child, there was a poster on the wall of my English classroom showing the card that Jasmine's mentioned before, but we were never taught any of it. I think the other way around (writing the phonetics from the transcription) is far more complicated. Get any of troubles help via contacting "AOL technical support Number(1-877-509-0415). Phonics or phonetics intrigue me, but I'm not sure how much they help English learners learn English.

I'm 22 and from Texas and have always understood us to have one the more highly regarded education systems in the USA. However, as a learner I found it very useful, because I can't discriminate the English sounds that well.
One thing is understanding, but reproducing is a different issue so, to me, it's very useful to see the sounds written in order to focus on the proper sounds (no to mention the stress annotations). Main Contact's Name, Contacts Title, Contacts Gender, Actual Number of Employees, Anual Sales Range , HomepageUnlimited exporting capabilities !
The only thing is it is taught to us young and not always heavily reinforced and therefore easy to forget.

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