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Making your way through 260 "Smiths" before finding your classmate is a valuable experience, right? Christmas shoppers are going online to help find bargains, with many now doing so while in-store to check if they can get a better deal elsewhere, a new survey suggests. According to research by mobile network giant EE, 41% of shoppers use mobiles to find the best deal while they are on the high street, a practice known as "showrooming". Almost three quarters of shoppers (74%) said they preferred to browse products online rather than look around a physical store, while 79% said they researched deals online before buying anything.
Shoppers in London and Newcastle were found to be the most likely to showroom, with 47% of those in both cities admitting to using their phone to do so while out. Jeremy Spencer, EE's head of corporate products, said: "The practice of showrooming isn't going away. Online shopping site Amazon was found to be the most popular app among shoppers, followed by eBay and Tesco. A report by retail experts at the beginning of this year suggested that sales from online shopping would reach more than ?52 billion in 2015, and be worth 15% of all retail sales in the UK.

The location of the device will be shown to you on a map in iCloud and this map can be accessed through a regular web browser.
Find My iPhone can also send sounds to the device so you can easily locate it should you have misplaced it around your house. Furthermore, you can use Find My iPhone to completely erase all the contents and personal data on your iPhone.
It is better to have your device stolen and your data safe than having your device stolen with all your credit card information and personal pictures available on it.
If you already have an iCloud account you can use with Find My iPhone then sign in using your credentials.
Make sure that the service is already turned on.The next step you will have to perform is going to Location Services and making sure that the location-aware services are active on your iDevice.
Te site will ask you to input your username and password and you will be able to see a list of devices that have been registered to your name. Select the one you have lost or misplaced and Find My iPhone will start tracking your device.The location of your lost or misplaced device will be shown on a map.

There are also other options you can use with Find My iPhone, each of these a step close to you recovering the lost iPhone. You can play a sound, send a message to the device informing the finder to return it to your address, remotely lock the device so the finder or thief won’t have access to it and remotely wipe all the data on the device.
Play Sound will play a sound on the device even if the said device has been set in Silent Mode.Find My iPhone is a free service that is offered by Apple.
It takes a few minutes to set it up and it could prove invaluable when it comes to recovering your propriety. Misplacing your device or having it stolen is not the end of the world if you have Find My iPhone installed on it.

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